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Proper Girth Measurement Technique

Proper Girth Measurement Technique

Hello all great forum from what I can see so far.. I need some help with girth measurement.. Where do you measure ? Is it an average of base middle and top or just middle.. Or base .. Confused member


FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

Okay, I smirked when I read “confused member”. Anyway, here’s what the handy-dandy FAQ and Glossary on this site says:

[EG Erect Girth. Measurements for EG are usually taken mid-shaft although some advocate that it should be taken at the widest point of the penis. Others maintain girth should be measured at the head, middle and base. Whatever you choose, be consistent.]

You may find this link interesting for trying to figure out a lot of these things:


I’m not exactly sure either, but have seen numerous times when girth is referred to that the poster might specify where the measurement was taken (ex. Base, mid-shaft, etc). Many have posted more than one girth measurement then referred to each at the respective length, again, base or middle or end. This seems to especially be the case when guys are concerned about a certain portion of girth, like base girth, that they are targeting. I personally have always measured mid-shaft since it’s stayed a good ratio average between base and end for me, 1/4” smaller than base but 1/4” larger than end. Good luck!

Ha ha thanks heaps guys

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

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