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Possible New Technique The Dough Roller

Possible New Technique The Dough Roller

Hiya folks, I’m new to the whole “Jelq” scene.

So I’ve been researching techniques from the site, as well as techniques listed within the forums section for each person’s individual preferences.

But I think I may have stumbled upon a technique that may have been overlooked or simply not thought of?

That’s where you experienced persons come in the clarify
1) If it’s SAFE
2) If it’s NEW
3) If it WORKS

So here is my simple technique that I have just started using and believe it can lead to some interesting Girth gains and possibly length as well.

Requirements - Lubricant + Pen/Pencil shaped object

Step 1 - Place your penis on a flat surface

Step 2 - Be sure to use proper lubrication, my preference is baby oil.

Step 3 - Using a long object, my preference is a marker that is rounded from top to bottom with no clips,
Begin applying the object at the base of the penis and press downward with a reasonable amount of force.

Step 4 - Force the object forward and possibly backwards if you prefer.

Tips * For maximum blood flow, start rolling down the pubic area straight downward and forward to push blood from the portion of the penis that’s covered by the pubic area (Possible length gains?)

Thoughts * After using this technique for almost 15 mins, I did not notice any skin damage (probably b/c of the oil) or any irregular pains. I do however feel an overall pulsation around my sides of my penis, which until told differently I will assume it’s b/c of the newly forced blood into that region.

From this technique (Used it twice thus far and just wanted to get a sense of safety from others before progressing with it)
I’ve noticed that the girth of my penis is at a slightly larger girth than a full blown erection.

I normally measure at about 5.35 Inches girth Hard, but once using this technique for a few minutes my measurement is at about
5.6 at around 30-45% erection, mostly flacid in my opinion. To better gauge my measurement, I waited to measure immediately after ejaculation thus no arousal to give a false reading. Who knows, maybe it would be a better reading pre-ejaculation.

I would just like some feedback on this to see if anyone else notices the same results and if this can be incorporated into a regular jelqing routine safely and provide results as well.

My guess is if it works while soft and provides great girth gains like that then it should work well for permanent gains.

If this technique is new founded, I would like to name it “The Dough Roller” and yes that’s simply what your doing.

Thanks, your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

This sounds similar to what one does with tom’s jelq sticks. I don’t feel like doing a search, but you can if you like. Sounds like it should have a similar effect, but perhaps someone more experienced will chip in.

Sounds good but in the long run,wouldn’t it change the shape of the penis..making it flat instead of circled?

This is like me going to Stephen Hawking and trying to explain a new theory of black holes.

Thanks for the responses folks

Toolguy, thank you for the links on the searches (I feel pwned, lol), I didn’t find those when I ran a search into it.

Well I used that exercise last night for about 10-15 minutes and I’m not sure what you PE fellas normally consider results,
But my flacid penis was HUGE today, length and width. I did jelq a bit prior to, not traditionally or for a long period of time so I’m not sure if that had an effect as well. All I did was push blood into my shroom to give it a full bloom and held that for a while.

I can honestly say though I’ve never seen my soldier looking so buff while hanging out in the barracks, LOL.

I’m going to continue this technique and record any gains. I find myself being very uninterested in Jelqing normally every day, I’m only in the mood to do so about once a week at most. Only thing I regret is not making proper measurements prior to.

Originally Posted by Vile
Thanks for the responses folks

Toolguy, thank you for the links on the searches (I feel pwned, lol),

w00t :)

Please keep this thread updated with your progress. I am interested in what results you get.

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