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Hi new member quick question

Hi new member quick question

I’ve been doing pe for about a month now. My session consists of a hot wrap 5 min manual stretching and 5 mins wet jelq ( I use baby oil lubricant).

At the end of the session I hot wrap.

My question is at the end of it my penis becomes small , some areas become red and it hangs lower (sticks to my balls) .. Is there something wrong?

My other question is what time of the day is best suggested.. I do it as soon as I wake up .

Not sure about the hangs lower part? Red areas are unavoidable. If its red spots then those are blood spots. I sign of going a little to hard on your workout. The sticking may just be from the lotion. Try taking a shower after the workout. Time of day doesn’t really matter. Testosterone is high when you first wake up.

I nearly always get red spots, they are just a side effect of PE. You should only worry about them when you still have them after a night of sleep, that is your sigh that you should take a day off.

How can it hang lower yet be smaller?

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Good question.

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Your jelq training is not so long. 15 min is a good time

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