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Quick Question

Quick Question

I just took a week off simply because I had company in town over the holiday.

I am going to restart today. My question is whether to continue the routine the same routine or start with something less?

Before the break I was about 6 weeks into PE.


After a week, I wouldnt go at it 100% the first day back, maybe like 75-80% the first session, then back to 100% the next day if no problems.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Thanks, just wanted someone elses opinion.

BTW, over the last week my flaccid size seems to have increased.

Good for you. I’ve read taking a break is a good thing. I’m too neurotic to do it casually.

With the break, you’ve probably lulled your dick into a sense of security, he thinks it’s safe to come out again. :)

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

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