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Quick anatomy question

Quick anatomy question

Hey Guys,

My second go-around with this is working well, I’m already seeing my old gains coming back. Question though. When having doggy style sex with my girlfriend, my penis is hitting something ( I would assume her cervix) at the end of each thrust. Is this potentially harmful to her? I’m only about 6.5” at this point. Is this unusual, or is this a normal depth for most women?

This is normal. I don’t think its harmful but you could leave her quite sore if you go bashing into it all the time. Try to angle a little differently. (Some girls however, like having their cervix bumped)

Here’s hoping you can gain even more and start sliding past her cervix into her CDS. Things get really heated up then.

There's a snake in my boot!

ya its normal the same happens with my chick,but she is sore afterwords.

Another tip is to make sure she is properly aroused, it takes a certain time for her vagina to “tent” and make room for you. We noticed that in certain situations, in particular quickies from behind, the cervix pounding (which she loves) sometimes seem to induce uterine cramp afterwards. Very painful for her but harmless. It is not a very common reaction among women in general I believe so I don’t think you should worry about it. If she likes it, just carry on, otherwise there are plenty of ways to avoid it.

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