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Hey quick question

Hey quick question

I was wondering what would be the outcome if your penis wasn’t “naturally done” growing and you did PE exercises!? Would this be harmful or actually be helpful in gains or any kind. Just a question that popped into my head . THX

I don’t think it makes a difference, in my humble opinion your just adding to what is naturally there. I think penis length reaches it’s zenith at age 23-25, Who knows.


What happens to your body if it hasn’t stopped growing and you exercise? Does this help put it in perspective?

You just add on to what is growing. Muscles grow beyond the age that full stature is achieved. Example a twenty one year old has reached full bone growth maturity. He begins a weight lifting routine, with the starting chest measurement of 35,” After six months of doing bench presses he achieved a new size of 38 inches.

However a 17 year old joins the same gym and has not stopped bone growth, he is till getting taller. He starts out with a 32” chest does six months of bench presses and end up with a 36”. Part of his hypertrophy is actually what would of occurred naturally.

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