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Sore base - quick question

Sore base - quick question

Hate to ask a newb question but with my latest round of PE I have been really working hard to do the manual stretches properly which are going great! Anyways I am feeling sore (no pain though, and it is not sore to the touch) at the base of my shaft. Two things I guess I am wondering, is this a good sign to tell me I am doing my stretches the ‘right way’ and secondly should I take a day off to rest. My routine right now is 5 days on 1 day off and tonight would be day 5. I really would prefer not to break my routine but any quick input would be appreciated.

Great sign all the way, carry on.

Good enough for me! Thanks AH!

On the long road to 8"X6"

and I live my life an 1/8 of inch at a time.

You are welcome, all the benefit of the soreness(fatigue) would be lost or dimished if you were to take a day off from it. Ride it all the way! IMO, fatigue is the best indicator for gains.

Good Luck

I love to be a bit sore or itchey inside my prong. It tells me that I am doing something right and have been getting a good workout. Just listen to your body and just don’t take it too far. Dont’ do stupid shit. Just use your common sense.

Keep yankin’ and enjoy yourself.


I had asked the same thing R and got similar responses.

my soreness goes within a couple of hours though and the next day I stretch all is good, so im sure its a good sign

Don’t you love that “sore but not painful” feeling? Like after a great workout at the gym. You know you’re gonna see some gains.

Heh yeah, I have been addicted to that soarness from the gym for several years now, and I am becoming addicted to the same feeling with my penis

Maybe PE is more fun, too. Hehe

my unit’s sore, too. good work out this morning ;)


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