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Hi All - Bit of Advice for a Newbie

Hi All - Bit of Advice for a Newbie

I need a bit of advice re penis pumps? I haven’t tried one yet and not sure which one to get to be quite honest with you - I have heard some pretty dodgy stuff about the Penomet and not sure what others are on the market? Bathmate has come up a few times in these forums but are they any good? Any advice to a beginner?


Newbies really shouldn’t mess around with PE gear until 6-12 month in of consistent training. You need to master the basics of manual exercises, consistency, sleep, diet, and physical exercise first and make PE a lifestyle. It’s super important to master the basics first because this will be the base of every good routine, as well as your go to for when you can’t pump such as times when you’re away from home and can’t smuggle in a pump. After that you can buy whatever you want, and personally I recommend lap-dist tubes($150 )with mityvac auto brake bleed kits($30) and some water based lube for your penis, 3-in-one oil for the hand pump once a month. A good pump will cost you about $200 plus whatever you pay for the hand pump, but it will last you a good 5 years if you don’t unscrew the quick disconnect all the time. The hand pump will last you about half that time, but you can make it last longer with some simply DIY improvements and lube frequently.

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There’s more than one reason that I no longer even bother commenting on penis pumps on my site.

~Tom Hubbard

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