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Newbie Routing Done. Need Advice on Hanging

Newbie Routing Done. Need Advice on Hanging

Tried PE long time ago for maybe 2 weeks and then quit. Started seriously 3 months ago, doing the newbie routine. I’ve gained 1/8 length and 1/16 girth. Very minimal gains but I still have a positive mind. I want to start a hanging routine for a year. I have a low LOT 6:30-7 but I still plan to do 3 months of BTC. Then 4 months of Straight out. Than another 4 months of OTS. Does this sound ok? Had a couple of questions.

1) Plan to hang everyday for 6-9 sets. Should I also do ADS?
2) Is there a ADS when sleeping? Should this be done?
3) Are there pictures or videos on how to use the BIB hanger?
4) How would you use the Bib to stretch low LEFT or RIGHT or OTS right or left side with weights? It seems all it’s good for is just hanging straight down.

Any advice or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks

I’m curious on answers for number 2).. I would like to know if there is such a material that can keep your penis stretched and at the same time not causing any pain or stopping blood flow to the glans or overall penis skin. It would be awesome to just let your penis grow overnight, away from the lack of privacy during the day. I tried to hang 2 pounds and let my penis go to one of the sides while I sleep, but so far after 2 hours the penis can’t handle it anymore, the head gets cold and I take it of before any damage.

Do not do any kind of PE exercise while asleep. It is very dangerous. Its just not worth the risk.

As for photos and videos on hanging, first go to the “articles forum” at this site, then to the Thunder’s Video Series sub-forum. Click on the Thunder’s Video Series link in Thunder’s first post and scroll down. There you will find some photos and short videos on wrapping and hanging.

Hopefully I won’t be castrated for posting a link to another site but it is the only place I am aware this video exists:…er-How-To-Video
This is a video by Stillwantsmore demonstrating wrapping and use of a Bib hanger. Note that Stillwantsmore uses an Ace overwrap. Most guys prefer Theraband. I have actually been hanging without a wrap for a few months (using a gel-padded Bib hanger) so wrapping is a very individual thing and it may take you some time to figure it out. Stillwantsmore is using a Bib starter from which he has removed the gel padding. This particular video is the best one I am aware of demonstrating use of the Bib.

I wouldn’t worry about your LOT. I would start out hanging BTC. If you do that for 3 months and see gains, I wouldn’t switch angles at that point. For a good portion of those three months, you may well find yourself at low weight levels, trying to get accustomed to wrapping, adjusting the hanger, and stretching the skin and it may take you some time to get up to a weight effective for gains.

A lot of guys have combined use of an ADS or traction wrap with hanging, applying the ADS after hanging. I haven’t done it, so I can’t offer any personal advice. I would never wear one while sleeping.

6-9 sets a day is a lot of time. If you do 20 min sets with 10 min recovery between them, you are talking nearly 3 hours to nearly 4 1/2 hours. If you can do this daily, fine. I would start at very light weight, and work up to your daily time allotment before you start to go up in weight. Increase weight slowly every week or so until you start to feel “fatigue” in the ligaments in the first set. That might be a burning, tingling, itching or aching sensation in the ligaments. You may well have to decrease weight in the later sets as you go.

A lot of guys use the Bib to hang at angles, either straight out (using a pulley), over the shoulder (running a line over a piece of plastic or other skid placed on the shoulder), or at angle over the leg. If you have a place where you can position one or more small pulleys to the underside of a desk, or at various levels on a wall, you can work something out pretty easily. I have used the high pulley station of a small home gym for this purpose. Most guys only change angles when their gains from hanging straight down or BTC stagnate, however. You can also stress the ligaments towards the sides of the penis base by swinging the weight while hanging BTC or straight down.

Bib’s hanger forum is another good place to ask questions, but you will get a pretty uniform set of responses, i.e, “how Bib did it”.

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