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Advice regarding newbie routine

Advice regarding newbie routine

Hey everyone.

I’d like to get some advice from someone with a similar starting point as me with respect to the best routine to follow, and perhaps a ballpark idea of realistic medium-term expectations (with the understanding that this is all highly individual).

Right now I’m at 6.5-6.6” NBPEL, 7.0” BPEL, and 5.5” MSEG (with very uniform EG along the entire length). I’m actually very happy with my size, but would like to see if I can get to an honest 7.0” NBPEL, partly to see for myself how this stuff actually works (what can I say, I’m a curious beast), and partly to get to a nice round number like 7. I’m happy with my girth where it’s at, even at a relatively modest 5.5” I’ve had complaints from past GFs regarding BJs and in my opinion it’s more than enough for sex. I am not going to actively avoid girth enlargement, but I have no interest in pursuing it specifically.

I don’t quite know what to make of the LOT stuff. According to the test, I have a low-ish LOT at 8 or 9 o’clock. However, my erection points straight up, much of this is from the exit point pointing upwards but some of it is from upward curvature. And I’ve always had problems with positions that require the penis to bend downwards — at a high EQ, it just won’t bend, and any attempt to do so causes discomfort at the time and soreness afterwards in the place where I imagine my suspensory ligament is. Compared to what I see penises do in porn, both professional and amateur, my penis is very inflexible in that regard. This leads me to believe I have tight/short ligaments, regardless of the result of the LOT test. Perhaps I didn’t perform the test correctly.

Can anyone provide any insight into the best routine for me — whether the standard newbie one or a modification thereof? And is there anyone with similar features as myself (size- and angle/ligament-wise) that can share their timeline and gains? I’d like to avoid any routines requiring equipment and stick to my own hands, if possible.

Any general advice and tips would also be greatly appreciated.

You are currently above average in both length and girth. A girth of 5.5” is not “modest.” You’ve been watching too much porn if you think it is.

I’m surprised that new guys never see the many negative threads about the LOT theory. They only seem to find the ones that make them think it’s important.

Here’s a recent one: LOT and Newbie routine

In it I give my standard anti-LOT theory response, which is…

“Bib's LOT theory was for hangers, men who hang weights from their penises. It attempted to predict which direction of hanging would be more beneficial based on an erroneous assumption about penile anatomy. It was tested extensively and shown not to be predictive of anything. Besides, it was for hangers.

The LOT theory can safely be ignored by all new members. It won't help you get gains with jelqing or stretching or even with hanging.”

Regarding your basic question, the Newbie Routine works well for most guys. It gives some girth, but mostly length gains if done consistently and safely. Don’t be in a hurry (you don’t seem to be) and don’t overdo it. Start with two days on and one day off and advance from there. Start with the base amount of jelqing and stretching time and advance from there. We usually recommend three months of it to help condition the penis for advanced exercises and to see if you’re going to gain. You should see some improvement in that period of time.

In case you haven’t found it: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

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