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Newbie - advice needed


Newbie - advice needed

Basically I am very unhappy with the size of my penis and feel very inadequate (could go on for ages about but no doubt you have heard it before) but now with having my first real long term relationship it has become worse. I often feel that I am not satisfying as much as her previous partner would have, because he would have undoubtedly have been bigger, and then I feel even worse that she might, quite rightly, be thinking I wish I had him here! As well as many other reason that make me feel inadequate and the problems that come with feeling inadequate.

Basically I don’t like the size of my penis and think that my relationship would be much better if could accept it. But at the same time I enjoy sex and she doesn’t seem to enjoy half as much as I do and I just think that she will not enjoy it much more if I had a larger one (or in the worst case if she was back with someone with a larger one) and this makes me even worse!! Also the thing that makes it even worse is that I know she thinks it’s too small and see often makes remarks that can easily be interpreted to say as much. And I hate talking to her about it because it just highlights the fact that it’s small and brings it to her attention that it is and that I think it is and I think this has a negative affect because she will probably start thinking that it’s too small even more!

Anyway, looking at the routines that people suggest I don’t think my lifestyle allows me to spend anything like the amount of time to get any gains, or to be able to do it regular enough. Are there any thing that I can do which don’t take very long and fit nice and discretely into everyday life.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

Just notice a typo!

Meant to say I think that she will enjoy it more if I had a larger one .. NOT “I just think that she will not enjoy it much more if I had a larger one”

You already know the answer to this. There is no quick way. It’s a long term investment in time and energy to get a bigger one.

Regarding the relationship: What you have now is what you have. You know it and so does she. Constantly worrying about her past lover won’t help. If you cannot overcome the feeling of inadequacy with her, you may have to move on to another.

Well yes I suppose the only option is to either try and find a way to put in the work or to become more happy with my endowment.

Oh by the way I would not say that this is because of my partner - just the fact that being with a partner highlights the issues in my mind more.

How big are you?

Well I haven’t exactly measured a lot and it very much depend how hard you are but I would say that with a quick bit of manual stimulation it’s just about 5.75-6” and 6.5-6.75” or so bone pressed. But sometimes it isn’t that long and other times when I have been curious enough to measure it it comes out 7” bone pressed when highly stimulated. But thing that makes it look soo much shorter than the length would suggest is that at it’s widest point it’s probably only just 4.5” in girth. The rest of it is robably more in the region of 3-4”. The point at which it is 4.25-4.5” wide is only where there is a slight bend about midpoint and the rest is visibly thinner.

Although I would say that my measuring is probably not the best due to only having a rather stiff tape measure!

I am trying not to be too worried about the actual numbers .. Just to me it looks pathetic and the comments I receive are that it aint exactly very big shall we say!

Who is making those comments? Your GF, because if she is the one making you insecure, maybe you have to let her go.

I think the worst thing a sex partner can do if making you feel sexually insecure, and is not a problem with your dick, even if it was 3 inches is she was really in to you the hole person she will make you feel as good as you want her to feel.

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Well no she says it’s fine when asked although I know that she is probably just trying to be nice. And sometimes when she is talking dirty and stuff she kinda references to size sometimes which makes me think she likes the idea of more. But I don’t think it’s her at all really. Sometimes she trys to make light of the fact that I think it’s small through sort of joking and that tends to have the opposite affect and she has since not done that. I probably think that she honestly doesn’t mind but I know that she would love more and stuff. But like I say I don’t think it’s her. I think it’s probably conversation with mates and that about sex and stuff imply that they have much larger ones and the fact that I personally have never seen one that I would say was as small as mine or smaller. But that’s probably only my perception.

Basically I am being a big moany twat and should just be happy with what I got .. And I am probably just taking what is a desire of most woman (to have a fairly size-able penis to play with) and interpreting that is her not being happy with mine. Like I say she has never said anything to the effect that she thinks it’s small and I don’t think she realised my insecurities when she made light of my dislike for my size .. So I think that the problem is just being made worse by my own brain!

Follow my post in this thread, I lay out a PE program that takes only a little time.

quik4life’s $500 PE Challenge

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Size is important if it’s her fantasy you can always buy her a big dildo to play with her.

Okay well I suppose I have just waffled on about all sorts of stuff you lot didn’t really need to know. But cheers for your help. I have decided that my problem is that, although my penis is in fact below what is the norm, it’s me who has the most problem accepting my size and the quicker I can do so the better.

As for increasing it’s size I would say that I think the only time I would expect to be able to guarantee to do anything in the way of PE would be in the shower, which is fairly regularly! And within that I will just have to do the best job possible. As for Pud’s advice, about masturbation and the such, I think that I will indeed try and cut back as who needs a hand when they have a beautiful woman to do it with (even if it is less often!)!!

As for my expectation of any increases. I would not expect to increase my size by simply increasing blood supply as it is already fairly veiny (if that’s a word!). I know that I am very very unlikely to get any increases in size from the odd bit of shower PE’ing but I would like to think that if I did I might see some improvements in erectile healthiness. That’s to say even better control of ejaculation and stiffer erections and the like. Hopefully this is a reasonable expectation of mine

With my time restraints in place, could anyone advise what might be a good starting point and whether they think I am likely to have any improvement on erectile health or possibly even girth or length? Cheers

it’s me who has the most problem accepting my size and the quicker I can do so the better.

Yeah dude, get over it. You are becoming your own enemy. Enjoy life. If you think your dick is to small then do something about it. Read Pud’s thread and do what it takes to get you where you want to be. If your girl thinks your dick is small then the hell with her, but I think you are taking to much to heart. Some guys here would kill for a dick your size. So many of us take so much for granted.

By the way, how big did you want your dick to be?

I think most guys will sympathise with your feelings, that’s why we are all here trying for something better.

However do remember women don’t think exactly like us. If a finger or a tongue can excite them, a good hard cock should be able to do the job even if it isn’t as big as we would like it to be for bragging rights.

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Originally Posted by mbuc
I think most guys will sympathise with your feelings, that’s why we are all here trying for something better.

However do remember women don’t think exactly like us. If a finger or a tongue can excite them, a good hard cock should be able to do the job even if it isn’t as big as we would like it to be for bragging rights.

Well said!

Yeah thats true!

As for tntjockey’s comments I think your absolutely right. As for my length I don’t really know I would just like a size that wouldn’t invoke a reaction either way from a woman (of course it would be nice to have one that gets comments on how big it is but thats not realistic or the point). As I have said I think that I know my penis isnt the small so I would mainly like to see the girth go up a fair amount and any increase in length would be very much welcome.

So a figure .. I dunno .. 7” BPEL and 5-5.5” of relatively uniform girth. Cos at the moment I am sure that a very small part of my penis does on occasion hit not far of 4.75-5” in girth but the rest of it does not.

I guess I should measure it accurately and see if just doing some stuff in the shower each day increases it at all

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