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Hey guys.need some suggestions

Hey guys.need some suggestions

Id like to start a PE plan, based on the newbie routine I have been readin about and was curious what some of yall suggest as far as measurements/pics/documentation?sounds basic, but I don’t want to leave anything out.I’ll post before pics after getting some feedback, but my main goal would be just to add a “little” length and girth maybe.I know that once the little is gained, it will lead to wanting a “little” more, but wanting to start the bar low initially. Any suggestions would be appreciated such as how to take certain measurements to stay consistant over the course of the routine.

Thanks in advance !


Read up on how to measure, pick a method and do it consistently.

Follow the newbie routine, don’t skip the warmups.

And please follow the forum guidelines about punctuation, spacing, capitalization etc.

And welcome to Thunder’s Place.

regards, mgus

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Hey tbucket, welcome to the forum.

I second everything that mgus wrote, with the addition of one very helpful advice - for everything you want to ask, use the search option first.

Everybody here is more then willing to help, but some things have been discussed too many times. SO, use the search and do your reading.

Happy gains!

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Thanks guys, will check out the section regarding the grammar aspect of posting.

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