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Suggestions after 2 months

Suggestions after 2 months

Hey everyone. This is my first post, but I’ve been reading for a while now.

Anyway, I’ve been doing the newbie routine for about 2 and a half months now. This post is to ask suggestions of the PE experts as to what I should move onto next. I’ll get a bit into my results as well.

After two and a half months I haven’t seen any gain in erection length or girth, but I’d say I have a slightly larger flaccid length, not a big increase, but to me it seems noticeable at least a little. I’d say the flaccid girth looks at least a very very slight bit larger, because since starting PE my flaccid penis has much more defined veins then it used to. Throughout the 2 and a half months, I gradually increased the length of time of warmups, stretching and jelquing and have always done the 2 days, 1 off as often as I could. I didn’t stray often. I watched all the videos, read a lot of posts and methods on the boards and am fairly sure I’m doing everything thus far (as far as the newbie routine goes anyway) correctly.

So, I’m wondering what suggestions you experts would give me, if I should continue with the newbie routine still or what I should move on to. I’ll be patient with this, I know from reading that time and patience are the best virtue for results. Since I haven’t really achieved any length, which is what I want to increase the most, I’d just like to see slightly better results to know I’m actually getting somewhere.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your suggestions.

Hey mercsanders, and wellcome to the the threads!.

It’s just one of those things that happen. Like you, I made very little gains at first, but after about 4 months I tried pumping and began to make some gains . Mainly in girth at first, But eentually I found that I did make some length gains

But first, you might like to try some of the more advanced exercises using a fulcrum (either your hands or something like copper tubing to act as the fulcrum whilst you pull your unit around it. There are some videos showing how it is done, as you have probably seen. And as you probably noticed are more advance ways f doing things than the newbie routine But build up to the amount of force you use as it can be quite considerable

Also, you could consider having a look at the pumping threads, and read what the experts have to say. And if you decide on that path do follow the guidance very carefully. as it is easy to overdo things. However pumps are a bit more expensive than using a fulcrum so that may be a problem if you happen to be a student

So have a look there , and listen to what others might have to say from their exprience. If you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to ask. There are dozens of members literally bursting (Not from pumping of course :) ) to help you on your way

As you see I am emphasizing the caution aspect, as it can be very frustrating when gains are a bit slow in coming. And it is easy to go just that little bit further than is good. Although from your post it shows you are taking things steadily.

Also a look at “Sizemiester’s new routine” might take you further on from the newbie routine (sorry for some reason I couldn’t give you a link, but it’s in the newbie routines).
Good luck


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