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Have some Questions!!!


Have some Questions!!!

Hi there,
Well I was up all nite reading this forum and others. I am new to all of this as of 24 hours ago. What do you guys think of this as I am anxious already to get started. I think I want to get the penimaster as well as the jelq device from I also am going to buy cable clamps and also make a hanger.

So what if you did all of those things and switched em up? Like what if you jelqed using the jelqing device, then wore the penimaster for a couple hours a day? And you also clamped and you also did hangers? So you would be doing 4 things everyday. Is this a good starting thing to do? Would I get good results you think?

I don’t care about money. I will buy all of these things. The total would still only be about $400 or a little more or less. And I want results. I have already had 2 fat transfers in the past 3 years. My dick is 6 and half long and 6 inches wide. I do want more length and I still want more girth too. I love my dick to be a fat one. Also I want the head to be fat too, what can I do for that? So what you think of this starter plan?

Hey Thunder.. Thanks for sending that.. I am sorry I didn’t read that before.. I did read all of it though.. Will the thread I posted still appear on here for advice? ( Actually there are two as I was not aware that one of them went through) Thank you for your time in this.. And besides my spelling errors was my thread okay to have written? I just am really looking for some advice on PE.. Thank you,


I do plan on doing manual exercises with the program as well. I just like the idea of machines forcing the rite technique on it for REAL growth versus me just hoping I am doing it right. I also left out that I wanted to get a pump too! So I would have the Penimaster, the jelq device, a pump, hanger, and clamps, and some manual PE as well in my daily exercise.. I am hoping with all of these things I will see results! I have already spent over $6000 in Canada for 2 fat transfers that we’re very successful.. But I want even a bigger penis. So to spend $400 or $500 on devices is nothing to me compare to what I have already spent.. I just want it to work and if it does then I would spend my money on it no matter what. After reading this forum I got the feeling that there was success on both ends and I DO intend to manually try some exercises as well with my routine. I just think it easier and time-wise to have a machine help me out more. As I think I would slack off more if it was all up to me. So instead in those times I can just slip on a device and have it work for me. I don’t have an hour a day to manually do these exercises.. Maybe sometimes, but most of the time no. So I am looking for advice on the best machines and devices people have had success with as that is the route I am going to go. Hope to hear advice from anyone on if you think what I am going to get will work!



Originally Posted by justinmjb
I think I want to get the penimaster as well as the jelq device from I also am going to buy cable clamps and also make a hanger.


You forgot a penis pump.

Seriously, listen to ThunderSS

Geez, you have come to this class with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm and bank account. You can accomplish on this site everything you have dreamed about with a little velcro, the waistband of your boxers, two 5lbs weights and your own two hands. You should peruse the forum for pictures of the homemade devices and proceed with your own ingenuity. The jelq device is junk and the penimeister is a rip-off (although it looks good on your mantle). I know you want a lot of pretty plain wrapped brown boxes showing up at your camp site but it just ain’t necessary, you can have one hell of a “whopper” without spending a wooden nickel.


You said you had 2 girth operations, why didn’t you go for lengthening at the same time?

Like Tomba said, send me $500.00 and I will send all my “shit” devices that don’t work as well as my hands(these were free).


To lengthen it well, that part of the Operation frankly just scared me to much. Because they cut the ligament or whatever.. And at the time I mostly just wanted a thicker penis. Now I want still more girth. It is a lot bigger but as the doctor said after it was first done, not all the fat will remain and it will go down some. Still pleased with the results. I just have read so much on here and am wanting the best advice on machines and devices as to to this manually is not something I will have time for as much. I need to know if I can have success with this from devices and if so which ones or the ones I mentioned I noticed in the forum that many had had success with those ones. Being the Penimaster and one as well. I maybe have 15 to 30 minutes a day to do manual stuff. And maybe some days not at all. So I need a device and or machine to work with instead or as well. To do both but to have more of my time done on a device. I have thought of another surgery actually. I would do allo-derm this time, not fat transfer. I also may do the lengthening too as I am not as scared. But I would like to try these other things I listed for a year first to see if they work. I just not sure which ones to get. But am looking for advice on the ones I listed.

Also, I just saw the other reply from the next guy saying to send HIM $500 bucks and he’ll send me all the junk that doesn’t work.. Hey, I am JUST asking about these things and if they DO or don’t work?! This is why I am so confused because in this forum some people have had great success with them!! And some haven’t I guess. Looking for advice not to be ridiculed people!. So thank you I am just asking a question is all. And if your advice is that they DON’T work or if more people say they don’t then I would elect to just have surgery instead. I just don’t have time to manually do these exercises every day. So I thought a device could help. I am not looking to play around. I will pay for the device if it works. If not, I will have surgery as the new allo-derm does not absorb back into the body at all like a fat transfer does. I also would have lengthening done as well if the devices don’t’ work. But on here it looks like people HAVE had success with devices! So I’d love to hear some success stories on that too!


I think what everyone here is getting at is you don’t need to spend money, you need to spend time.

Read the newbie routine and start following it. If you see nothing happening in a couple of months revisit the option of buying some (but not all of this stuff).

ADS devices like the penimaster are only supplementary. Don’t waste your money initially a lot of people grow fine wthout these.

The Power Jelq device is probably something that you should only consider once you’ve jelqed manually for a while and even then your hands are better and safer implements.

Think about a pump later on, maybe a couple of months in, maybe longer, maybe not at all. Traditionally pumping is thought of as something for girth and the concensus here is that you should gain length before gaining girth.

Try manual exercises and if they don’t work for you then try hanging. Some people gain better from manual PE, others gain better from hanging.

Don’t bother with cable clamps until you are 2-3 months in to your PE.

If you want a list of stuff to buy right away — here it is:

KY Jelly or some other kind of lube.
A facecloth or two unless you have one already.

I hope I’m not out of line, here. Nobody really knows me here and I’ve just recently started reading posts again here at Thunder’s Place, but I felt I could add something here.

justinmjb: I think what people here are trying to say is that it seems like you are a little too “anxious.” At least that’s what your posts seem like. Basically, you want to do “THIS” and you want to do “THAT” and you want to do EVERYTHING and you want to do it all RIGHT NOW! At least that’s how your posts seem. They seem kind of “desperate” or “in a hurry” as I read through them. I think this is probably what others are seeing, too; but please correct me if I am wrong, here. I’m not perfect, either! :)

Please don’t let me “put words in your mouth” either, justinmjb. That’s the last thing I would want to do. Maybe it’s just your writing style or whatever, but I would have to say that it seems a little desperate, as I said. Are you in a race? Where’s the “fire” at? Such things can become a prescription for disaster, especially for PE. I would say “slow down!” a little and reconsider things. Relax.

If you drive a race-car at a speed that is in excess of it’s braking distance, you won’t be able to stop the car in time no matter HOW far “ahead of time” you see that wall coming up, react to it, and apply the brakes! You’re still gonna go “splat!” into the wall. What a mess! I would hate to see you go “splat!”, that’s all. :)

I can certainly understand the enthusiasm and excitement one gets when one discovers that PE is possible, gains can be permanent and all the rest. I think we have all probably seen it and felt it. But there are also guys out there with injuries that would trade anything, now, to go back and “do it differently” because they were “in a hurry” or just “didn’t want to hear it.” They now regret that. They didn’t get the results that they wanted.

Just something to think about.

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Thanks for the post.. All are appreciated.. I will say this though.. I do not feel I am overly anxious at all.. As I stated in earlier posts I said I would give this up to a year before I would do surgery again. I simply DO have the money for a device. IE DO!! People keep on saying don’t waste your money when you can do it for free for cheaper!! That is the problem here that I am not getting a good response to. A machine or device I can just put on and go about things somewhat.. To do it myself I cannot have free time as much.. So here it is again.. I DON’T have the time to manually do it as much. I am looking for the best products that are in a machine or device form that work. I am 29 years old. I make six digits income. I don’t have a lot of time. I am somewhat leery of penis lengthening surgery but will do it if this doesn’t work. I would rather pay for a good device then spend the actual time myself doing it if it is possible. Time is money and money is time! That is my point.. I have the money not the time!! So it is not a “waste” to me to spend the money on something that works!! So when I am told to do the manual thing versus the device thing because I can get the same for cheaper.. Well then I am frustrated that people aren’t reading what I wrote correctly. If there IS a device that will do the same but it is more expensive I don’t care!! That is what I am searching for!! I know that I will still have to warm up and do some stuff.. Fine. I can do warm ups and a few jelqing things for a few minutes as well.. I am not expecting results overnight either. I can do some work on it but am just wanting a device to work on it mostly. And am looking for people that have used them to write me about them and which worked best! I will try this for a year. If no results I will have surgery in Canada again. Point being is time not money!

PE is a lot of time, even with devices. In fact the devices could cost you time.

The hangers will tell you that they just have to slap it on and do other stuff for 20 minutes but that’s not my experience, hangers are finickety things and they need adjusting (not just once). Try that after 2-3 months if the manual stuff doesn’t work.

Commit half an hour a day and you will see results in a year.

This stuff costs time. There is no way around that.

Also check out the members here who’ve had enlargement surgery. One at least lost length. After lig surgery they also recommend that you hang for some months.

OK, I understand now. You’re not overly anxious about the PE itself, necessarily, but you have a hurried life that is imposed upon you by job duties. Got it.

Pretty much “everything that there is out there” is probably already known about and talked about here. Heck, if there was some “better” way out there, don’t you think we would all be running over there right now? :) This IS the “better way”. I think that PE is an area where having more disposable income isn’t going to give you any advantages or speed things up any. Unless you do the surgery thing, of course. Stick yourself under the knife again, and see what happens. The reviews are mixed on that, as you probably know. Roll the dice… maybe you’ll get a good result, maybe you won’t. I know that isn’t what you want to hear, probably, but there it is. Nobody had invented anything that will do that, so it’s just “the state of affairs” right now. Human tissue only will stretch so far in so much time, and it doesn’t care about money. Or time. It just doesn’t. I think it’s just something that we have to accept. Maybe someday someone will invent some miracle, but we aren’t there yet (and maybe we never will be). :(

By the way, if it isn’t “being nosey” of me or “overstepping my bounds”, what kind of job do you do? What degree do you have? If it’s “none of my business” just say so. But the part about having money DOES sound kind of good! I’m in college right now switching careers, and I think I want a business degree, perhaps an MBA but I’m not totally sure yet. So I keep an open mind, and ask questions. That part piqued my curiousity a little, so I just had to ask! :)

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