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Have some Questions!!!

One of the great things about PE is that it doesn’t look into your race, social, economical, religious or political status or your outlook. It looks into your determination, ability of arranging time and motivation. It takes determination, motivation, time, consistancy… It’s just one more of those best things that you cannot buy with money.

When you say that you want to be able to put it on and go around do other stuff… What kind of stuff are you exactly talking about?

I’m a busy man too. I make big money. Doesn’t help a shit. How do I do it? I don’t sleep at nights. Get used to it.

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

Never mind people.. NO one is getting the point.. Now it’s all being taken in the wrong way.. Now I am getting preached on about race and money and such.. Like I am some high and mighty person that just wants it all the easy way and blah blah blah.. I simply and only wanted to know if instead of always jelqing and playing with it if buying a stretching device or weights or something would work too.. I was planning to watch TV or eat or be on the computer while wearing these things sir if you had to know.. Don’t bother writing anything I guess at this point I would say unless you HAVE used a stretching device such as the penimaster or something like it or the jelqing device.. At this point maybe I have had enough advice anyway and will go about it my own way.. I was looking for people’s experiences with a device NOT to be preached to about nothing. Maybe this was not the route to go. No one has really said one thing at anytime in here about their experience with what I would like try. Thanks for your time I guess, and good bye.

And yes IT is one of those best things that you CAN buy with money.

Have we ever had a member join and quit in one day? I’d say you are a bit impatient Justin. You only gave the forum 7 hours to get responses. We have members all over the world. Some are just now signing on and may have answered your questions. But probably not the way you wanted them answered.

You’ve been told that manual methods are the way to start. You’ve been told that PE takes time. What you didn’t hear, but wanted to, was that all these devices will do the work for you. Well, it ain’t gonna happen. You have to do the work, no matter how many devices you buy.

Perhaps you’ll take some time to use the search button (top right of every page) and learn about PE before you start doing something that will cause you to injure yourself and end your short PE career.

Good luck.

I’m sorry you feel that way, Justin.

PE is more like an art form, not a science. If you want to create a masterpiece, there are a lot of things that go into it: thought, patience and wisdom. This probably isn’t going to work for you.

SOME people have good luck with the surgery, I guess. I’m not saying that it won’t. But there are no guarantees. The risk is yours. If things go wrong, maybe get injury to the dorsal nerve and have a permanently “numb” dick the rest of your life. The doctors CANNOT fix that, and neither can your money or your impatience. Up to you.

The only other thing you might try is barking out orders to your dick. If you are the CEO, it HAS to obey your orders, doesn’t it? Pull down your zipper and whip it out and ORDER IT to grow. Maybe that will work…

I didn’t mean to anger you but it’s rather obvious that you “just don’t want to hear it.” So as for myself, I’ll just stop talking. I’m done with this.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.

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Oh my! I guess I am now feeling beyond misunderstood.. It’s all fine.. And thank you westla90069 for clearing up what no one would say. That it WON”T work!! That’s all I wanted to hear. I was just thinking that MAYBE to put on a device that stretches the penis for a few hours a day would do something on it’s own. Or that weights would too. But thank you for telling me that it won’t work as now I don’t have to waste my time in this matter. I can’t imagine then if something device pulling your dick won’t work how you yourself pulling it would work any better. So nothing works it sounds like except surgery.. Kinda what my doctor that performed my surgery said anyway. And Electron I was never unhappy with you or any of your comments so no need to apologize. And I am quite secure that surgery does work and am not worried as I have already had it and that most actually do work out fine with a qualified surgeon and will take that route now for sure after going thru all this. Have a great day!

Cool! Yeah that last post of yours got specific enough to “zero in on” more… doing something while sitting that you can still type with. Before that it was pretty “generalized” and just sounded like someone in a hurry or something and headed for disaster. I’m glad that’s not the case. There’s just no real safe way to do that. Even with pumping or hanging (which would seem like pretty passive activities) you can do damage. Injuries can occur that you won’t feel, you have to be looking and paying attention to what is going on, if you want to “really be doing it the smart way.” This is just one of those things that requires your undivided attention, anything less is “asking for it.” I think we are all “on the same track” now. Cool. :)

If you get a real good doctor and have the money then the surgery option is open to you. It’s all just up to the individual. As for myself, I enjoy challenges and new experiences, so I think I’ll do it the slower way, and “enjoy the journey, not the destination.”

Obviously the point that NOBODY got was that I was looking for a DEVICE to help me out more.. Let me spell it out for you as it really says the same thing in my first few posts as well. But I guess I need to say it again different somehow. So here we go. READY?! This is what I was trying to say ALL along. I am looking for a device to relay on more than just my hands.. As in the pump, or jelq device or weights.. As for the comments to me about that I will not being able to sit around and watch TV or computer while doing PE I was implying the penimaster on that one.. I got my info that I COULD actually sit around while that one was on from the forum in here!! Go to it!! They wear it at work or this or that while it is on!! If you read my first posts I also say that I CAN do SOME warmup exercises and such.. And I am fully aware that if I buy a pump that I WILL have to pay attention to it the whole time.. I am also aware about how the jelq device works and that I WILL have to pay attention the WHOLE time while that is in use. I was fully aware before putting my first post up how these things worked.. I read about them.. I know that I can’t just sit there and put a machine on me and get bigger. I DO however prefer to work WITH a device or machine or weights and this is what I was asking about all along!! And which ones worked best or if they work at all. I simply do not prefer to do these exercises WITHOUT a device. Meaning I don’t expect to sit there and do nothing and have myself get bigger with a device, just that I prefer to work with one while I DO workout. I don’t prefer to work with JUST my hands and do exercises.. I CAN do some as I said before!! I prefer to work WITH a device or machine.. I know that most of the time I will be paying attention to the device in my workout the whole time!! And that sometimes I will not pay as much attention but still some as when I am using something like the Penimaster. That is what I was asking, trying to say, wanting ALL along.. I am very sorry if I was taken wrong, sounded rude, or was misleading as this was not my intention. I thank all responses and input. I was never ANXIOUS or thought things would happens OVERNIGHT WITH NO WORK. I thought my entries had stated that from the beginning and also by telling you which devices I was interested in would let you know how I wanted to work on my pe. I guess everything was a bit off.. I meant no harm.. I am still leaning toward surgery I think at this point. But as the one dude said I have only been on here less than a day.. So I guess I will await to see what people have to say about: using devices more WITH a workout, then without.. I hope this post was understood better and cleared up what I am trying to ask and find out.. Thank you again.. Justin

Maybe this will help too..

I prefer to use a pump or cable clamps than to do lot’s of jelqing, uli’s, or exercises with just my hand.. BUT I CAN DO SOME WITH JUST MY HAND!!

I prefer to use the power Jelq device to just using my hand to jelq.. BUT I CAN DO SOME WITH JUST MY HAND!!

I prefer to use something like the Penimaster to using my hand to stretch my member and use strange exercises.. BUT I CAN DO SOME WITH JUST MY HAND!!

I prefer to use weights or a hanger on my member than just my hands!! BUT I CAN DO SOME WITH JUST MY HAND!!

My questions are in finding the best device to go along WITH my hands in these exercises. And also which you would only need one of or such.. As in if I bought the Penimaster would I really also need to by a hanger device since they are both exercises for stretching the penis?! If so which one is superior?! Or would I still need to buy both? Would I need to get a pump and clamps? Or are they the same thing? Which is a better way of getting the result? Or would I still need to buy both? I am looking for the best devices for utilizing my exercises for each way of getting a bigger penis. How many are there? How many are really the same thing? Which are the better ones to get? I thank you for your time in listening to my large mouth and over analytical mind in these thoughts.. I apologize for all my shortcomings..

Good day.

Also to reiterate on the last part of my last entry about having different devices.. Would it benefit me to HAVE both of the same.. As in if the pump and clamps do the same thing is it still better to have both and say alternate them? When I go to the gym and work my arms I do different exercises for the same muscle just in a different way. So if I have the money would it benefit me to have the pump and the clamps and anything else and use them on different days? In this way it could it be working PE in two different and beneficial ways?



I just made a wench hanging device and it works great, if your willing to put in at least two hour a day hanging will get you some length. If you want to spend the money you can buy a bib hanger.

Some guys have reported good gains with the power jelqer but most seem to prefer their hands.

Pumping I can’t help you with but we have a pumping forum

Good luck

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

All the devices you listed are adjuncts. They help. OK, you want specifics, here we go:

Penimaster - Over a long period the Penimaster can create length on its own, but it take longer that way than doing it manually. The device can’t get as strong a grip on the inner penis structures and you can with your hands. Plus, you have to remove it at least every 60 to 90 minutes to restore circulation to the glans. Plus, it isn’t as easy to hide under your pants as they lead you to believe. Our member jcloud has used the PM almost exclusively for PE. Send him a private message for advice.

Pumping - Avocet8 is our lead pumpmaster. He says he made gains by pumping alone. I see the pump as an added attraction to other methods because, like the Penimaster, using it alone for gains would take longer than manual methods. Pumping is fun and it’s one of the few PE “exercises” you can do fully erect. But gains via the pump do not come quick.

Cable clamp - Cable clamps are fairly new to the PE arsenal of devices. I think the jury is still out. Incorrect usage is very dangerous and, in my opinion, this device will injure you quicker than anything else we use. Timing is important, 10 minutes or less with time between sessions to restore circulation. Used mainly for girth gains, it’s a modernized Uli Thing (search for it). Ulis themselves are an advanced exercise that someone just starting out should not attempt. They put tremendous pressure on the penis and make it very easy to hurt yourself.

Power-Jelk - I bought a PJ as my first device and haven’t used it since the third week. It’s awkward and you can apply more pressure than you intend and easily injure the dorsal nerves of the penis. It doesn’t work well when applied “sideways” which would be the preferred method since it squeezes the corpora cavernosa without involving the corpus spongiosum and dorsal nerves/veins. It can make your hand just as tired as doing jelqs manually and may not give you gains as quickly as doing it by hand would.

I understand your frustration with the answers you’ve gotten. Please remember that we’ve been at this a while, have tried the devices, had our own experiences as well as read those of hundreds of other members and we know how to counsel newbies. No one is making fun of you or think you’re too ignorant to understand and no one is trying to put you or your ideas down. Try not to be as defensive in your replies and you’ll end up with more helpful, knowledgeable PE friends. If you reply with “attitude” you may not be a member for long.

That’s not a threat, not even a warning. It’s just the truth about how guys behave around here. We share our experiences and all learn together. You’re quite welcome to join us in the many different discussions that take place. Just try not to react to perceived insults when none are intended.

This thread is giving me a headache. :-Y

Starting: 6.25 BPEL x 5.5 EG

Now : 6.75 BPEL x 5.75 EG

Goal : 8.0 BPEL x 6.5 EG

I haven’t read half of what Justin has written, and I have a headache, too.

Justin, why are you asking people to spoon feed you this information when it’s clearly accessible to you if only you would bother to do a search?

Why should WestLA spend his valuable time educating you? He should be charging you for this advice.

I hope I’m not out of line here. But, please, let’s remember our manners!


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