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I want to buy a pump, but I have a couple questions

I want to buy a pump, but I have a couple questions

Ok, I was reading through the archives and I think a couple of my questions are unanswered. The first one I have is about what tube size to order. I am about 7.5x4.8. Am I supposed to order for the size I am or for right above the size i am? Also I have a privacy question. How are these things shipped? Are they in plain boxes that don’t say something like PENISPUMP on them? Just want to be sure of that as I have roomates and don’t feel up to explaining that one. I think that’s all I have for know, but I’m sure I’ll be bothering you guys with routine questions when I get it:)


This is the one I want to get, do you guys think this is a good choice?





Hmmm.. I know LA pumps say you should get a 1.5 inch diameter for your girth, still I think you should order a 1.75 inch x 10 inch cylinder. Especially since from your measurements I would guess girth is your main interest at the moment. A bigger diameter is certainly too big and a smaller one might push you more length wise rather than work on your girth.

Anyhow - the Deluxe Package from LA Pumps is great, that’s what I got and I’m very happy with it. I got a 1.75 x 9 cylinder and when I got it my girth was somewhere between 4.8 to 5 inch and my length somewhere between 6.5 to 7 inch. I get a real good girth expansion from it.

Have you considered getting a hydro-pump? I only read some serious feedback about it after I got my LA pump, and now I’m thinking about getting one sometime in the future. Seems to have lots of advantages over a dry pump, however I guess it does make the whole process a bit more complicated.

Oh, and about the box - don’t worry about it, it doesn’t say anything suspicious on the box. Problem I had was that I got it shipped overseas and it got held in customs where they wanted to know what it was, I tried telling them this story it was some musical equipment, however they didn’t buy it and opened it. This was embracing but I was so happy to get it that I didn’t mind that much. :)

Nman; I have the same model as you are looking at and which Braker has. It is a very serviceable pump at a decent price. You can throw away the video which is pretty much useless, re: pumping. It is, though, a dry pump so if you are at all interested in water pumping, this one isn’t going to work.

I concur with Braker. The 1.75 inch diameter cylinder is the one to start with. You can always buy a larger one later. The 1.75 tube will give you better girth stretch than a smaller one. For tube length, order one 10” long.

As he says, they ship in a very plain box. It could be text books, for all anyone would know. It doesn’t scream “Nman wants a bigger dick!” on the outside. Just an amorphous return address, “LA Distrubutors” or something like that.

Braker; “musical equipment?” What were you thinking? A percussion instument? Spare parts for a bassoon?? Thanks for the laugh.



Originally posted by avocet8

It doesn't scream “Nman wants a bigger dick!” on the outside.

LOL, just imagine!

Braker; “musical equipment?” What were you thinking? A percussion instument? Spare parts for a bassoon?? Thanks for the laugh.

Hehe.. Hey, give me a break here - I was under a lot of stress. I couldn’t think of nothing and it was a matter of seconds until I had to reply. When I think about it now, I guess my line of thinking was: “tube” this word reminded me of the old amplifiers and audio equipment that worked on tubes. Anyway it didn’t help, so after they opened it, he put a sign on it saying: “Braker wants a bigger dick!” and that’s how I had to carry it home.. :(

ROFL, Braker.



Lol, you are a funny bunch. Thanks for your input guys. I think I’m going to go with the one I listed with the 1.75 cylinder as Avocet suggested. My main concern is girth so hopefully the pump will supplement my exercise routine nicely.

get a 1.75 inch diameter, I started right around your size. 2.0 inches will suck your balls up into it, but 1.5 would be skin tight and you wouldn’t be able to inlarge. An extra 1/4 inch makes a world of difference. 1.75 is the only size that will fit you. for now that is : )

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