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Hand/Arm Fatigue

Hand/Arm Fatigue

Anyone else experience fatigue in your hands while doing manual exercises? I especially get tired in my first finger and thumb from my grip. Does anyone else experience this and does it improve with conditioning?

Yah I first had this for a couple of days when I started Jelqing for 20 minutes but now it’s all gone, and I got stronger hands, I even think they’re a bit bigger then before.

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Your grip will improve as you continue. When I first started doing 60-90 minute jelq sessions, the cramping I felt afterward was pretty severe. After about 2 weeks, my hands were fine.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

im new… what is jelging.. and how well does it work?

I’ve been at it for about 4 weeks now and I still get tired hands. Especially in my thumbs.

You get used to it. Not only will you have a big dick, but you’ll have really strong hands. Maybe THAT’S where the big hands=big penis theory came from…PE!!!!


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