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lig fatigue/ lot & question for Bib

lig fatigue/ lot & question for Bib

Something interesting happened the other day.

I did my regular hang of an hour, increasing the weight each hang. As I mentioned in another post, after using a stretcher, I discovered that I could really load up. After about two months, to my surprise, I didn’t have to use the stretcher before hanging to still carry the large load without discomfort.

Anyways, I decided to do a fourth 20 minute hang, this one at 37 pounds (3 above usual max).

I really felt fatigue, no pain, no soreness. For some reason I tested my LOT. Amazingly it was at 1200noon. (Using the stecther it had “improved” from around 7 to 9. A couple hours later, my LOT was back at 900.

It this a way to measure that you have hung to lig fatigue, or a danger sign that the load/time is too extreme?

(sorry I can spell check, the checker is listing almost every word)


I have read this a few times, and I still do not know exactly what you are doing, or what you are asking. Please forgive my ignorance.

Could you try again please?


question rephrased

Two questions show up a bit on the forum:1) how much is the correct weight 2) how do you know you are at the fatigue point of your ligs?

I think I may have the answer for specific people, or else I’m really screwing myself up. A few days ago, I hung extra long with extra weights.
The result wasn’t only fatigue, but a temporary change in my LOT.
I had no tug at 1200 when prior to hanging my LOT was 900. Shortly thereafter, my LOT returned to 900.

Two thoughts came to mind: I had reached total lig fatigue,which should be good news for additional gains -or- I am jeopardizing the supportive structure which would also affect nerves/circulation during the hang, which would be bad.

Depending on whether it’s good or bad, temporary LOT to 1200 would either be the goal, or place to just stop before getting at (when it comes to
how much weight to use). It would be the individual test as to whether one is at the fatigue point or not.

I’ve done an hours worth at increasing weights (20min at 30,33,37pd with about a 5 min. break between) and didn’t get the 1200 LOT.(2000 pd.min.)
An hours worth of 37 pds didn’t work either, although the LOT had move to maybe 1030.(2220 pd.min.)
80 minutes at 30 pds did duplicate the LOT change to 1200. However it was short lived.

If the temporary LOT change to 1200 noon is the goal, then I get the feeling , at least for me, the the magic figure is 2400pd.min.
It would follow I good lower the weight (for comfort) and hang longer, or if privacy time is short, hang heavier and shorter. Newbies would have MUCH,MUCH lower pd.min. figures (I’ve been hanging over a year with fairly heavy weights). Also implied is that as time goes on, it may take more pd.min. to get the temporary noon LOT.

It may seem counter to the “jacking up” LOT procedure (hanging BTC till Lot is 600-700, then “hanging up” to restore the LOT to at least 900,then
hang BTC again to 600-700 etc. I don’t think so, cause as long as damage isn’t being done, the Noon Lot is simply measuring something else. I would think that hanging to that point will eventually reduce my “resting LOT” to
600-700. Maybe someone has coincidentally discovered a way to measure
the way to maximize the return to a higher resting LOT.

Your one of the PEdi Masters.Any opinions,comments, or cautions to give? Forgetting about whether its good or bad, any idea as to why the temp Noon Lot occurs?

Sorry about my first post, and this one as well. I know I’m putting in too much info, but I’m trying to keep questions to a minimum and other readers a feeling as to the whole subject matter.


>Your one of the PEdi Masters.Any opinions,comments, or cautions to give? Forgetting about whether its good or bad, any idea as to why the temp Noon Lot occurs?<

I have no idea. If you are kegaling at 12:00, and have no tugback, then either your PC is not functioning very strongly, or the ligs are taking the force. It is odd that it is temporary. To me, this indicates it may be more from fatigue than anything else.


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