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Foreskin Restoration


Foreskin Restoration

I want it back. I was cut at birth and I hate it. I feel like I was violated, molested, or something like that. It’s disgusting to me that someone would take it away. If you’re an adult who wants to be cut, you still have that option. For us who were totally mutilated at birth, we have no real simple option.

So, how would one go about restoring? I’ve been doing basic taping for a week and already I’ve noticed I can pull what’s left of my foreskin (I was very loosely cut) about half way over the head WITHOUT forcing the head in to the shaft which is a big improvement… but I wonder if that’s enough.

I have no budget, so buying stuff is out of the question. Suggestions?

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We’ve discussed this a few times in the past. Using the search button, top right of every page, will bring up some relevant threads. (Using “Advanced Search” and limiting the search to “titles only” will get you what you want.) I’ve completed a reasonable restoration using t-tape mostly and a few other gimmicks. This was over about a three year period four years or so ago. There are a number of Internet sites devoted to this as well as several Yahoo and MSN groups (probably Google groups, too). Using your favorite search engine will likely get you all kinds of ideas.

I did that, Westla, but I had trouble finding relevant stuff:

Churchy: Uhh, anything I can do without having to build something? Not only do I note have any of that, but I also don’t have the funds to get such stuff nor the aptitude to construct ANYTHING, even that simple. =\

I did a restoration several years ago using the original T-Tape method, and it worked pretty well. I can pass for uncut in most situations, such as gym shower rooms. I have not continued to “officially” restore after switching to gaining length doing PE, but have easily maintained foreskin stretch doing any number of exercises I have found on here.

I believe there has to be some effort put into restoration, just as there has to be some effort put into length or girth gains doing PE. Wishing will simply not make it so. You say you do not have the aptitute to construct ANYTHING. Well, to do a foreskin restoration, you have to want it pretty badly, as it is no simple task. It takes SOME effort to make it happen. By reading about the T-Tape method, you can construct a similar apparatus and it will work quite well. Using any combination of various adhesive/surgical tapes and elastic straps as outlined in the instruction yields some pretty amazing results.

Just as you ask yourself how much you want that added 1 or 2 inches of dick doing PE, ask yourself how badly you want a foreskin again. Once you get past the anger of being cut against your own will, you can take responsibility to undertake your own restoration and gain back much of the intact “look,” the glans sensitivity and satisfaction of completing a home inprovment project.

Good luck.


Originally Posted by dfurs660
I did that, Westla, but I had trouble finding relevant stuff:

Churchy: Uhh, anything I can do without having to build something? Not only do I note have any of that, but I also don’t have the funds to get such stuff nor the aptitude to construct ANYTHING, even that simple. =\

A roll of 2” Micropore tape and a pair of Farah elastic suspenders from Walmart are hardly going to break the bank.

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Hm I did some skin stretching (balls stretching, but still skin) when I started off into PE.
All I did was warm up well (IR lamp, warm water) and do a manual stretch.
Got where I wanted to be within a month without any problems.

Of course, skin stretching of the foreskin is more skin to be created compared to just lowering your ball sack to a convenient height.
Using a tape sounds pretty reasonable and should work well (not that this method needs any yey or ney sayers any more :) ).

Allinall: Skin is stretchable much easier than eg. the usual dick pulling (since it heals up so darn fast compared to the CC or CS).
Now what’s the point of this post?
None really.
Or Maybe: Keep the skin you want to stretch stretched over a period of time (by using a kind of said tape) instead of just when you do it manually and you should be at your goal in no time (compared to the rest of your dick which probably takes 1.5 times the time for the same length if done correctly).


Well, just for the purposes of curiousity - I’m currently taping up using cross-tape. It works quite well, I’m already seeing lots of stretch. How long do you think the cross-taping will be effective? I know it’s situational, but surely there’s a general pattern.

In my experience, the cross taping takes a very long time to show results, as there is no tension on the foreskin to pull it forward. You are simply taping it over the head of your penis using that method.

Instead, if you apply tape to the circumference of whatever amount of foreskin you have, and then attach an elastic band to that tape and apply tension (wrap the elastic band around to the back of your underwear and secure it there), you can have all day tension, with results starting to show within a few weeks.

You can put together a complete stretching apparatus (tape, elastic strap with clips, etc.) for less than $7.00


Okay. I read the T-Tape book again and it basically bamboozled me. I built something that was as close as I could sort of get to it… which was just a strap thing with a clip attached to the end. I’m trying to tape it on but I don’t really have anywhere to stick it. I don’t understand too well how to attach it to my penis. I was kind of lost on that picture book thing. Little help?

The most difficult part is learning how to construct the T-Tape itself.

I have located all my photos (about 50) for the whole T-Tape project, which I can post on here, but they need explanation. These photos were part of the original T-Tape book which was on the web at least 10 years ago, and are much more complete than the re-created (present) T-Tape site. I’ll write what I can and get them posted soon.


Well, back to cross tape for now I guess. In the mean time, however, would taping the foreskin material over top of something like a thick bottle top (about 6.25 inches in circumference) be better than simply taping it over the head alone?


I am restoring my foreskin.Its hard ( feeling tension almost all day) You can see a thread in Spanish foro with a link too.There are some pictures simply.They can help you.The forum’s name its SALUD MASCULINA
Good luck.

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

I have posted pdf files of the J-Tape method for foreskin restoration in a new thread in the Members Pics area.

As soon as I have compiled some additional information, I’ll put up the original T-Tape photos (not the ones on the current website).

I also have a short video that I’ll have to locate and try to convert and upload portions as well.


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