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Foreskin Restoration


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Foreskin Stretching Device - DTR

Hi all,

For anyone interested in foreskin restoration gadgets, I’ve found a really nice device I’ve been using for the past two weeks…and I love it. You might want to consider it.

It’s called a DTR (Dual Tension Restorer). It’s on this website:

It’s very similar to a CAT-IIQ, but a much better design. It’s an absolute breeze to put on, and takes perhaps 5 seconds, with very little fumbling around. The “plunger” which presses the glans down, has two modes of operation: Automatic (uses rubber bands to keep constant pressure) or Manual, where you push the plunger down and tighten a thumbscrew to keep it at that pressure. In the manual mode, more pressure can be exerted.

The neat thing is it is so comfortable. You can wear it for hours on end (pun intended) and forget that it’s there.

The downside? It costs about $95, but shipping is included. :)

I tried comparing my old CAT-IIQ this afternoon (haven’t used it for months) and I believe the key to the easy installation and the comfort is the clear “bell housing” that fits over and secures the stretched foreskin. The CAT-IIQ bell is quite thick, and not very flexible. The DTR is quite the opposite (thinner and more flexible).

Anyhow, I’d really like to get full coverage when erect, and I believe it will be possible with this new-found device. I’ve already noticed a significant increase in my foreskin in just the short period I’ve been using it.

All the best,


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