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brit milah/periah foreskin restoration question.

brit milah/periah foreskin restoration question.

The following thread by got me wondering and I didn’t want to hijack it so here we are. pee - What do Jewish guys can do

A question for Orthodox Jews, if you somehow do end up restoring your foreskin do you need to get it re-snipped? Or is having the initial ceremony done the important thing?

For anyone that knows: During WWII guys would stretch their skin out to look uncircumcised, hey it beat the alternative. Were they restoring from a brit milah? That would be easy enough I would think. But to restore from a full circumcision/ periah? How realistic does a “restored foreskin look in that case? I could see where it wouldn’t have to look 100% perfect under those conditions, simply more like a foreskin than no foreskin.

Two thousand years ago, Jewish Hellenists, wanting to assimilate characteristics of the Greek way of life. Translation, some of them wanted to “pass”, lol. Anyway, some of them decided to obliterated the sign of their “tip” circumcisions (brit milah). Most of their foreskins were still intact, so they found ways to lengthen them, to make it look as if they had not been circumcised at all! This practice was unacceptable to ancient rabbis, who decided to begin cutting the entire foreskin off in infancy (periah). The idea being that guys circumcised in this manner could not possibly later hide the fact that they had been circumcised. Ever since, Jewish boys have endured - and sometimes died from - total foreskin amputation. It has even caught on with gentiles, go figure! Most rabbis today erroneously refer to total foreskin amputation as milah.

I am just curious on this topic.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Really interesting stuff! I didn’t know any of that! So I had an extreme circumcision because a bunch of ancient Greek Jews didn’t realise how good they had it! :cuss:

I wonder what it’s like for Muslims too?

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