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Small Glans and Foreskin Restoration

To all of you guys with the small glans problem:

As a result of having this problem all of my life, I know of a good fix for it. I would be willing to bet that it is a circumcision related problem. Actually, it is also a form of surgical ED. In my opinion here is what’s going on or not going on I should say - you aren’t having good nocturnal erections which would normally keep your unit in good working order. The reason for this is because you were circumcised too tightly. As a result of this your remaining sexually sensitive tissue (inner mucosa) and coronal groove are dried out and desensitized which prevents good nocturnal erections. The circulation in your flaccid unit during the day is also compromised because of this. One other complication from this is that your testicles will also starve for a good blood supply and will be smaller than they normally would. From this you can imagine the worst - low testosterone and low sperm count.

In my opinion, if you want to enlarge your penis you have to have a fantastic blood supply to it. In order for this to happen you definitely have to have the good nocturnal erections unless you have the time to jelk for hours on end everyday. If you continue on like this for the rest of your life your unit will become impotent and smaller like most other older circumcised men do. In my opinion intact men or men that are moderately circumcised have a greater potential for penile growth throughout life. Believe me - my girlfriend of forty-four years old was with an intact man earlier in her life and according to her he was the biggest, the best, and the “horniest” that she had ever had. He could screw her ten times a day with a rock hard erection and keep it up “a hundred miles per hour” like no other circumcised man ever could. She said that there was no comparison between the two and that circumcision “definitely tames a man down”.

Several months into foreskin restoration I became very potent and could screw my her for over an hour non-stop with out the pressure to come because of being very erect. My glans would become engorged like never before. I could feel the coronal ridge scraping against her vaginal wall. It was the greatest sex that I ever had in my life at thirty-two years old. Naturally, this was the only time in my life that I woke up with a wonderful erection every morning. During the day my unit and testicles were remarkably larger. I regained alot of skin through t-tapes but because of it being so time consuming (and dangerous) I quit doing it.

Sadly, in due time I lost my sexual ability once again because I didn’t finish restoring. So, in my opinion, one must somehow regain enough foreskin to at least keep the coronal ridge always covered in order to be a stud and also to become larger. Nature made us this way so why do doctors and parents think that they have to change us? You guys have to understand that circumcision ruins the penis to some degree or another - more in some cases. In my opinion it can also cause it to be shorter and smaller in girth if too much skin is taken.

If anyone on this forum would like to know how to restore safely I know how to do it. It has to be done without cutting off the little blood supply that we have left which is hard to do. I believe this is the reason why Bib was able to wear a wrap for extended periods - he was left with a better blood supply compared to some of us. Maybe that’s why he was able to enlarge to such an extreme. I am not able to wear a wrap for more than a half hour because of reduced flaccid circulation. Believe me - if you improve your circulation you will have a fully engorged glans when erect.

One other note I should mention - don’t hang or use any devices until you establish good circulation or else you may end up injuring yourself worse than you already are. Right now it is a total waste of time for me to even think that I could enlarge my unit. I’m 7”nbp x 6.5” which unfortunately is too short for my girlfriend. She wants me to enlarge to 8” or better although she is satisfied (but not overly excited) with my girth. Apparently they have a spot way up in there that they like stimulated. She has helped me with PE for eight months now but to her disappointment I haven’t gained much. Although, I am able to reach her cervix now which gives her some hope. I guess she needs penetration about an inch past her cervix for her to come hard. I’ve already told her that I have to do the foreskin thing again and she agreed.

Life isn’t fair is it? I would rather be building a race car or a monster truck but instead I have to tend to my dink because of a decision that my parents made for me thirty-four years ago. The truth hurts though doesn’t it - when you aren’t big enough or good enough for her? I still screw her the best that I can and she knows that I’m trying to improve for her. You all may be thinking that she’s a bit#@ for being honest with me but I don’t look at it that way. In fact, I love her honesty and I also love her very much. She admitted to faking orgasms with smaller men before and also she told me that there was no chance that they could have made her come. There was one time when I was bigger than usual from PE and I had her so close. She was squirming and grabbed ahold of me so tightly. It was such an awesome reaction on her part but unfortunately I wasn’t able to follow through. From that time on I knew that I had to enlarge for her. It did something to her that I had never seen before.

I apologize for this being such a long post but I figured it was time to put something on here. Also, I hope I didn’t come off as a know-it-all. Even though I haven’t gained much, I still do know a few things. So far I’ve spent alot of money on devices. I have both bib hangers, the penis stretcher, vacuum cylinders, the grip system, the trac-man (total waste of money), pills and herbal supplements, along with some home-made items. The thing that worked best for me was foreskin restoration. I’m guessing that after I get enough foreskin the devices will work better. If anybody has any good suggestions for me to gain at least an inch please don’t hesitate to tell me. There was one time that I gained maybe 0.75” but it didn’t “cement”. When I do PE regularly I’m 7.5”nbp but it quickly goes back to 7.00”nbp when I stop. Like I said before - it’s all to do with blood circulation! Until you have it - don’t waste your time!


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A lot of interesting stuff, hoping some of the vets will comment?


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Welcome to Thunder’s.

I broke up your post a little to make it a less text-dense.

Can you provide a little more detail about how you restored your foreskin?

I find this very intersting, thanks for taking the time to start this thread. I agree that circumcision can be a limiting factor for PE…if nothing else it has made the process much harder because there is no extra skin to work with. Please let us know the restoration techniques as well as your current routine.

One foot to go

Ike, thanks for making my thread starter more presentable. Feel free to fix this post also. I was excited to see the replies and also I’m looking forward to answering any questions with the best of my knowledge. Also, I’m looking for good advice if anyone offers.

I’m convinced that I’m a hard gainer because of having a radical circumcision. By radical I mean that at least eighty percent of my natural penile covering was taken from me at birth which has given me a bad case of ED all of my life. The intact penis is a very capable and exquisite sex organ that can give extraordinary pleasure to the owner and also to the owner’s partner. After restoring for several months when I was thirty-two years old (two years ago), I had the very first orgasm of my life. If you can get your remaining inner mucosa sensitized like I did you too should be able to have a real orgasm. You will be able to tell by the color. All of the tissue in front of the circumcision scar will turn pink. Also, the glans will become pink and moist. Before this, all I ever experienced from sex is what I call an ejaculatory response. Sure that feels good too but it pales in comparison to an actual full body orgasm. The whole sexual experience is so intensely satisfying that it’s actually hard to feel the ejaculation when it finally comes. Also, believe me, the increased sensitivity didn’t cause me to be premature. I naturally went into a rhythm with my breathing and heartbeat that would allow me to screw like I never screwed before.

Foreskin restoration is also a basic form of PE. If you are circumcised too tightly, I can almost guarantee that you will experience enlargement from foreskin restoration alone. The main thing that will change is you will start having turgid nocturnal erections. As a result of this your dink will work much better and become much bigger (flaccid and erect) due to the increased circulation. Without these nocturnal erections the penis will be shriveled up during the day and the sack will be tight and small. Also, the added skin length gives it room to expand to it’s full length during sex. I know it’s hard to believe that an insufficient amount of skin can cause such a shortening of the dink but believe me it does. One more thing to mention is that your glans with be able to expand more easily after all of the dead layers of hardened tissue slough off.

I’m almost positive that an intact man can enlarge much more easily than a radically cut man. I was cut so badly that I couldn’t roll the remaining foreskin over my glans flaccid. If I tried my whole dink would retract into my body (peek a boo). Back then my dink was only two inches long flaccid and it stuck straight out (no hang at all). Now it’s alway between four to five inches flaccid (nice hang) and I can roll the skin over the coronal ridge when erect. Although I have gained alot of tissue from t-tape traction, I still have a long ways to go.

I think the best way to start foreskin restoration (if you’re cut tight) is too work the skin manually first. With an erection pull your skin as far up the shaft as you can with out over doing it (too much tension will cause stretch marks). If you try this method, realize how good it feels to vigorously (fast paced) pull your remaining foreskin back and forth over the glans with a tight grip (alternate hands). The only thing that should contact your glans is what ever skin you have left. After doing this for a half hour every day, stop before you ejaculate and in due time you will see skin growth and better genital circulation. Also, remember to pull the skin over your glans every chance you get and hold it there in order to persuade new tissue growth. Also, jelqing with petroleum jelly will help with skin growth.

Once there’s enough skin you should be able to start t-taping. The way I did this is somewhat complicated but nothing’s ever too easy is it? Use three separate t-tapes and attach the tails to an elastic waistband. I used heavy duty wire clips crimped on each end of the waistband. Wrap the waistband down around the outside of your leg (alternate legs every few days) and attach the clip to your sock. You can wear this all day long but don’t sleep with it on until you know what you are doing. By using three separate t-tapes you are insuring better circulation verses one t-tape all the way around. With this method I could wear a set up for several days with out ever worrying about compromised circulation. Also, I used a spacer (about the thickness of the double fold of foreskin) between the adhesive legs to prevent circulation loss at the contact points. Once you grow the skin past your glans it helps to put a filler (cotton balls?) of some sort in there so the t-tapes stay rounded out and in place. If anybody on here would like a more detailed explanation or a diagram I would be more than willing to provide one.

Once you have a sexually sensitive and fully functional penis it’s possible you may not worry about it’s size as much, although I personally think 8.5”nbp x 7” with a big glans is the ideal size for a normal sized sexually experienced woman (whether she likes it or not). By sexually sensitive and fully functional to me means that it will naturally become erect from being underneath the shower with out touching it (and without thinking). Once the glans stays covered naturally you won’t have to worry about this though because your sex organ will now be on the inside protected from the environment, the way nature intended it!

I won’t be able to post again until Friday evening due to being an otr truck driver. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.


Originally posted by r0ad_h0gg
Once there’s enough skin you should be able to start t-taping. The way I did this is somewhat complicated but nothing’s ever too easy is it? Use three separate t-tapes and attach the tails to an elastic waistband. I used heavy duty wire clips crimped on each end of the waistband. Wrap the waistband down around the outside of your leg (alternate legs every few days) and attach the clip to your sock. You can wear this all day long but don’t sleep with it on until you know what you are doing. By using three separate t-tapes you are insuring better circulation verses one t-tape all the way around. With this method I could wear a set up for several days with out ever worrying about compromised circulation. Also, I used a spacer (about the thickness of the double fold of foreskin) between the adhesive legs to prevent circulation loss at the contact points. Once you grow the skin past your glans it helps to put a filler (cotton balls?) of some sort in there so the t-tapes stay rounded out and in place. If anybody on here would like a more detailed explanation or a diagram I would be more than willing to provide one.

Okay. I was pretty much with you until this paragraph. T-tapes? Spacer? Adhesive legs? Filler? Yes, I think a diagram would be helpful. I assume you’re describing a way to pull the skin over the glans of the penis and keep it stretched that way for hours at a time. Did you invent this method yourself or find it somewhere?

What is a radical circumcision? Like most cut guys, I had all of my foreskin removed, including all but a faint hint of my frenulum. Can it get more radical than that?

You seriously didn’t have an orgasm until you were 32?

I guess we have to wait until Friday, but your posts are certainly thought provoking.

He ejaculated before age 32, but didn’t have the full body orgasm that he had then.

I noticed when I rode my bicycle that my foreskin did something it didn’t do before PE. It covered my head, it was weird, but also kind of cool to see it functioning as I guess it was intended. I was circumsized and have no idea what percentage of mine got taken off, but probably not as much since I’ll still have erections throughout the night.

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

Ike, I haven’t left yet but I do have to leave shortly,

Yes it’s true, foreskin restoration enabled me to experience sexual pleasure like I never knew existed. By sexual pleasure I also mean pleasure extending for hours after the actual sex even into the next day. Your eyes give you site, ears to hear with, nose to smell with, etc. If you had any of these specialized sensory organs surgically altered or reduced, they wouldn’t function like they are supposed to. Do you think that you could taste as good if part of your tongue were removed?

After foreskin restoration I regained a sense that was foreign to me. The intact penis gives a special sense to your brain like your other senses do but of coarse they are all different. When this sense is working your whole body works together to involuntarily make love to your woman. Your heart will beat the right pace, your lungs will breath the right amount of air, the muscles in your body will become very strong, etc. This involuntary bodily action naturally supports a fantastic penile erection. It is totally awesome Ike! When I get into this state (I call it “the mode”) I can screw the shit out of my gal with out any urge to come for over an hour non-stop. Afterwards there’s no tired or fatigued feeling. It’s a feeling of total satisfaction and contentment. With twelve years of sex under my belt with many different gals this has never happened to me until after I did foreskin restoration. And no, it wasn’t just one woman I had this with. So far three in all. If you can get your body to do this, there’s a much better chance of your gal being satisfied no matter what your size is.

Ike, the key tissue that can give this to you is from your coronal groove down to the circumcision scar. If you have any left it is your goldmine. Right now it’s not working because of it being exposed for so many years, but trust me, if you protect this remaining tissue by means of foreskin restoration, you will be able to have the most awesome orgasmic sex of your life. Even when you aren’t fully restored, this tissue will become extremely sensitized after several months from wearing the t-tapes because the remaining foreskin is constantly being pulled over the glans which in turn protects the remaining inner mucosa.

I will go into detail about how I made my t-tapes later if you like but for now I have to get on the road until Friday. Here’s something that you can try very easily though; Take a four inch or so piece of inch and a half medical tape and stick another one inch or so piece right in the center of the four inch piece (sticky back to sticky back). Pull the skin over your glans and tape it in place (top to bottom). The one inch reversed piece will keep your glans from being stuck to the tape. Fold a small corner over on the bottom side of the tape so that you can easily peel it back (just the bottom side) to urinate. When done then just pull the skin back over the glans and stick the bottom side tape back on. This method isn’t meant to gain alot of foreskin but it does keep the glans covered. If you want to get the right sensitivity back it’s important to keep it covered all of the time. By only using this method your skin will grow unevenly (more on top and bottom than on sides). Just use this as a supplemental fix in between t-tape set ups. Although it’s a good way to start the restoration process.

If you were cut a birth I can guarantee that you have some inner mucosa left (they can’t get it all in infancy). There are some very unfortunate men that have gotten cut in adulthood to where good old doc took all of their sex organ tissue. They just have regular skin starting from the glans to the base.

Ike, the penis is supposed to be an internal organ like the inside of a vagina or the inside of your mouth. The things that the medical industry says about promoting circumcision are all untrue. The studies done in this country on the penis and on sex are all useless because they are studying a bunch of mutilated men and unsatisfied women. I’m sorry to say it but circumcision messed you up. Although we can reverse alot of the damage by restoring our foreskins.


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Thanks r0ad_h0gg …

I was also cirumcised at birth but I am fortunate to have a good glans.

I found your posts extremely interesting and they echo what I have read by others who have restored foreskin. I have grown a certain amount just from jelqing. I love the feeling of the loose skin sliding back and forth over the head of my penis. So even though I haven’t gained in size, this has been a nice bi-product of PE for me.

Diagrams would be interesting if you are able to provide them.

Take care,


Modemmer posted some good info on foreskin restoration here is one of the threads which links to another threads with outside resources.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Wow, some GREAT info r0ad_h0gg. My concern is a little bit different though. Let me try and explain my situation, and you can tell me how you would assess the problem…

My glans are very small, around .75 - 1” thinner in girth than my shaft, and terrible terrible blood flow. When I get an erection, the shaft of my unit becomes very stiff, however, the glans stay small and unpumped with blood. The only time that my glans become stiff is if I wear a 1.5” metal cock ring at the base of my unit. Otherwise, they stay soft no matter what.

Now, in terms of my circumcision. I feel like I am somewhere in between cut and uncut. Because I have always been above to pull my foreskin completely over the glans when erect, etc. When I am flaccid, generally, my foreskin is covering the base of my glans.

Do you think that foreskin restoration would be a good idea for me?

I will try anything to get my glans to fill to with blood without the cock ring. You have no idea how difficult it is to inform a girl before having sex with her that I wear a cockring regularly, so she isn’t surprised when she see’s it, etc.

Also, man if you scroll down to the bottom of this link:

Road to My Goal Size

There are some pics of my unit with the cock ring on. As you can see my glans are fully engorged in these pics.

I read somewhere of a uncut college boy being amazed at the roughness of his circumcised roommate’s masturbation in the upper bunk. Now that I have enough skin to almost pull over the glans erect, there’s a whole different, more subtle pleasure in playing with myself, and it’s tempting to just go on and on slowly without rushing to a climax. I think it must be more the way a woman feels sexually. It’s a whole different experience.

Feeling and seeing your glans covered up is exhilarating, but at first disconcerting if you’re one of us who only knew that feeling as turtling - meaning your woefully small unit is retreating behind your pubes. Watching and feeling your foreskin slowly retreat when you go to pee is awesome.

Wife and I have had some really great sex lately, but I can’t tell if skin is the reason (I’ve been hanging again and feel bigger, even if I can’t measure it). I haven’t particularly noticed the head getting softer (or skin “sloughing off” as people describe, but I think that may be happening.

The T-tape is a pain in the ass, and I don’t know that it’s necessary. Eventually you want to pull equally on the inside and the outside, but trust me you’ve got plenty of time to fine-tune that as you go along (I thought growing an inch of skin would be a snap compared to the four months it took to grow/gain an inch of dick. Wrong.) Just ull the skin forward as far as it will go and use a “band-aid” tape (a small piece of tape against a large one, taking out the center portion of the adhesive that would touch the glans). Once you get enough skin, you can get your finger inside and roll it to your point of equilibrium (that’s uncirc talk) before taping over a cone-type stretcher. It won’t be exact, but who cares. With the stretcher between the tape and the glans, you don’t need the band-aid effect.

The best tape I’ve found is the clear plastic stuff. I don’t know the name. My earlier efforts were discouraged by the buildup of adhesive from hypo-allergenic paper and other types of tape. Also the tape tears up your penis after weeks of use. During the day, I only need tape to secure my “cone” stretcher when I can’t pull off the nine-inch cock look of the weight ( - bad link Penis workshop - I’m tempted to photograph the weight under some snug dress pants for those who lack imagination ;-).

The weight doesn’t need tape, but will work itself undone after a while if you don’t anchor it perfectly - also if you sit down wrong.

At night (when I’m motivated) I use a “band-aid” tape - or an actual band-aid. When taping for sleep, you need to stretch your dick to erect length to test that you’ve taped loose enough to gain a full hardon. Otherwise your nocturnal woodie will either just push the tape off or wake you up as it battles with it.

I agree that if you’re real tight, probably the best way to start is just by working the skin jackoff style. (Also good climax control training. You’re hearing that, of course, from someone who always prefers to burn two bridges with one match.)

Originally posted by r0ad_h0gg

Also, jelqing with petroleum jelly will help with skin growth.

Yes. That’s done it for me. Although my glans is still uncovered, I can cover almost all of it by pulling my forseskin over it- fully erect. I never used to be able to do that. Dry jelqing for me- I have noticed that it is stretching my foreskin as well. I plan on having a good amont of more foreskin restored, but not until I’m past the 9” ebp mark. Which will be soon hopefully once I start hanging. In fact, I’m not even concentrating on girth until I’m somewhat satisfied with my length. So after I have a ‘decent’ length, I’m working on girth and foreskin.

Also, BTB jelqing helps bloodflow a great deal. You might want to look into that also.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Anyone have a link to how to completely restore your foreskin without taping or anything like that? Just naturally stretching the skin, etc.

Because fully restored the skin should completely cover the glans, when erect, correct? And obviously completly cover the glans when flaccid.


I am all natrural and I don’t know if restored foreskin can cover you when erect. When you are erect, your glans should expose like the cut one, but when you move in and out the foreskin should be pulled and pushed along with the glans. Yes, when the penis is flaccid, you are covered fully with the foreskin.

Here is a link about the differences between circumcized and intact penis shown in pics and text. Its true that cut penis have very harsh glans, while the intact is very soft surface. I have noticed that circumcized penis tend to have smaller glans. I believe people should not circumcized their boys because after all its the boys who are going to use the penis later on not the parents.…boy/318545.html

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