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Foreskin restoration?

Foreskin restoration?

I’ve been reading about foreskin restoration lately….what is involved with the process? I was cut young so I don’t remember having a foreskin. I read somewhere that not having a foreskin may be a possible source of premature ejaculation…..a possible source. Any insight is appreciated.

Foreskin restoration (FR as they call it) involved slowly stretching the shaft skin over the head until you have enough to remain covered. There are several methods, much like PE. Using adhesive tape and elastic bands for traction is the most common. Some guys use weights taped to the skin. Others use mechanical devices that gently grasp the skin and then use wights or elastic for the traction.

It takes a long time. On average about three years to get “nice” coverage when flaccid. To be fully covered when erect can take as long as five years of fairly constant work. A book has been around for many years, The Joy of Uncircumcising, and there are a number of good web sites (although the sites come and go as guys make their goals). Do an Internet search on the term and you’ll find lots of information. Here’s one of the “official” web sites.

I’ve been hanging light for approximately an hour per day and when I wrap I draw some of the skin over the glans…do you think that this along with the pumping may work? I have noticed that the skin where my circumcision scare is is getting puffier and starting to roll up behind the glans…but not over it yet.

A lot of guys doing PE have said that they also get some skin stretch. So doing PE will definitely contribute. However, depending on your FR goals, it probably won’t be enough to get “good” glans coverage in the same time that doing regular FR techniques would. You could do PE until your PE goals are reached and this will give you a good start on FR. Good luck!

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