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For Starters: handful of jelqs, side of stretches

For Starters: handful of jelqs, side of stretches

Ok, so after much pissing around and half assed attempts at following a variety of PE exercises, I’m going to try to stick to a plan, and focus as much as other parts of my daily routines like gym and work.

I probably first read about PE some 10 years ago and have had a couple of times where it’d become a routine only for it to fall away for varying reasons. Over the last year or so I’ve put a bit more time in, but still nothing for more than a month. Lots of stuff gets in the way, so recently I’ve been thinking all or nothing with PE.

I’m pretty familiar with the basics, have ventured into a bit of hanging and have put together the below as a starter. I’m hoping putting this on here will help me with motivation but as normal, it has to come from within.

For background, I’m about 6’2” or 186 cm tall, weigh about 175 pounds or 77kg and am naturally quite thin. I wonder if natural body type makes a difference to the amount of gains that one can make, I.e. Do naturally muscular types find gains easier to come by? That interests me bib there’s not a lot you can do about genetic build, wondered if anyone has done an work or surveys on that.

My stats in the sig suggests I’ve had length gains. While there may be some gains, I don’t think I measured properly in the past, so really, it all starts here. I can recall pushing tape measures into my fat pad in the past and only just getting above 6 inches, now I’m comfortably past that. It may be due to weight loss as well, and even cutting down smoking in the last few weeks (better blood flow). I hear that you should generally focus on length then girth, so my routine will focus on that, but I’m hoping for minor girth gains as well. I’m aware my stats are pretty much Mr Average, but I want a lil bit more on both fronts!

I am having to do this all my a tiny flat that I share with the missus, and she’s (to my knowledge!) unaware of what I’m up to. Ok so here goes:

Tues / Weds Thursday AM
Warm up - five mins. Usually a face cloth, soaked in boiling water but left to cool
Stretching - five to ten mins. Holding various angles and using spare hand to create different stretches along the shaft
Jelqs - starting with 75-100 but making them slow and ensuring a grip with the other hand at the base to get good pressure in there
Manual clamping - simply clamping at the base with one hand, while using the other to create pressure down the shaft and toward the glans. Creating a bit of expansion and forcing the blood towards the head

I usually ‘warm down’ in the shower and turn the shower head to more of a tap like session as it kinda pounds my unit and keeps it plump. From there I apply a wrap of a stretch bandage from Boots, it’s a real light all day wrap but keeps the flaccid length longer than it would normally be. I’ve tried adding a wrist band (cut to size) to the base to keep it engorged but it can get a bit sore. The idea behind this bit is to never allow the penis to completely return to normal size where possible, so as it heals, it does so in it’s enlarged state, length and or girth.

Sat Sun
The morning routine is the same as above.
In the afternoon I get sometime so I’m starting some hanging. I’ve made a suitable contraption, and have experimented with it enough to know what works and what doesn’t in terms of stretch, pains and maybe length gains. I don’t get enough time to do this on Sundays so I may switch Weds AM into a second hanging session. I’ve worked up to 3 x 10 mins using a 2.5kg weight, about 6 pounds.

Passive PE
Fowfers and a bit of stretching

Anyway, maybe the above seems a lot but I’ve been doing PE on and off for a while now and my penis is getting used to more advanced stuff. I’ll try and stick with this for a month or so and measure, hopefully I’ll be in a position to add a bit more but who knows, so long as it grows!

I want to add some pics and keep a good record of measurements but I’m not sure this is the place to do it. However I couldn’t create a thread in the members progress forum, probably due to newb status!

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

Apologies for the ‘iffy’ spelling and punctuation. Typing this out on an iPod touch wasn’t much fun. I won’t be putting any of this forward to that damnyouautocorrect website mind you.

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

I’ve decided to bin the hanging part of this for now. I’m just going for stretches, jelqing and some squeeze exercises. Also going to try hot wraps between some sections of the routine.

I’ve been using a really thin wrap post workout to maintain a bigger flaccid hang and it looks and feels right. Anyone have any other newbie suggestions?

Am going to measure up in a fortnight and keep track of what I’m doing. I could do with this being a progress thread but not sure I’ve posted enough to do that.

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

You should definitely make a progress thread to keep yourself motivated and to keep track of what seems to work for you and what gives you negative PI’s

I am sure if you ask one the mods they will move it for you.

I see we have been in a bit of the same situation. I found out about PE 8 years ago. Did quite a few attempts but never was able to stay motivated for long. Right now it is going great for me.

Make sure not to measure to often, that’s what always has demotivated me (and try to keep your expectations down). I would recommend only once every 2 months. Try to log your routine at least once a week. Seems like a good routine you have. I would stick with stretches and jelqing for now I guess and stick with the measuring every 2 months (and just add more jelqs every week or so). If you stop gaining from it then I would advise to move to more extreme exercises.

Good luck!

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