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AI (Johan) Stretches & Hanging


AI (Johan) Stretches & Hanging

I’m almost surprised no one here has tried/posted on this yet…
Last week after reading Johan’s post in the Main Member forum, I decided to try out his “AI” stretches (check the post called “Johan is a believer now!” in the Main Member forum) in conjunction with hanging. I figured that at worst it would be a good post-hot wrap/pre-hang warmup… what I’ve found since has amazed me.

Before trying the AI stretches I was hanging 5, sometimes 6 sets of 20 min. in the evening with a 20 lb. max weight, and 2 sets in the morning, 3 days on/1 day off.
Since adding the AI stretches (which only takes about 10 minutes to perform 3 sets), fatigue has been setting in MUCH quicker.
(I should also add that I’ve replaced the morning hang session completely with 3 sets of AI stretches)
The first day that I added them, I was only able to do 3 sets of 20 min. each, with a max of only 15 lbs. I figured at the time that this wasn’t that remarkable… adding a different stretch into the routine is bound to make a difference. The next two days were pretty much the same. I took a day off, then went back on Friday. I forced myself to hang 19 lbs. that day, but was still only able to do 3 sets. On Saturday, I felt so fatigued after only 2 1/2 sets at a lower weight (can’t remember exactly how much) that I stopped there, deciding that I was so fatigued that I should go ahead & cut my workout a day short.
Normally I only take 1 day off… but on Monday I still didn’t feel like I’d recovered… so I took 1 more day off.
Today (Tuesday) I started back into my routine, thinking that I’d be back to more normal hanging weights. Much to my surprise, after 3 sets of “lighter than normal” AI stretches, my max hang weight was only 12 lbs! What’s more… after only 1 1/2 sets at 12 lbs., I was so fatigued I had to drop down to 7 lbs., which I was only able to do for another 10 minutes. By that time, I was spent. I took off my Bib & wrap and moved on to my post hang routine… amazed that I felt so much strain from so little hang weight & time.
Now I’m actually worried that I might be over-working… something I’ve never dealt with in the past 1 1/2 years of hanging.
Not only that, but I’ve actually started to consider (*gulp*) replacing hanging entirely by adding an extra set or two of AI stretches. (this coming from a guy who two weeks ago would have said that nothing can promote length growth like hanging!)
I’ve got to admit, the time I’d save almost every day by doing so would be wonderful… but I think I’ll hold off on that drastic of a decision for at least several weeks. If I see some good results next time I measure (in the aforementioned several weeks), I may try just the AI’s for a month or two to see what happens. (wow, I can’t believe I said that!… I feel like such a heathen)

Hey johnny,

You heretic. :D Seriously, you may be on to something there. Keep a detailed log if you can and keep us posted frequently, please!!!

And I think they are probably going to end up being called Johan stretches, it seems to be catching on. :)

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The question occurs to me that this type stretch is beneficial for muscles. Does it follow that is also beneficial for ligament stretch?


Re: Stretches

Originally posted by Surfer1
The question occurs to me that this type stretch is beneficial for muscles. Does it follow that is also beneficial for ligament stretch?


At least for me it has made a difference how I feel my ligs after stretching. Didn’t get sore feeling after static stretches. So, I say yea for your Q.

Johnny, thats just great. I’ve never tried hanging and actually now I think that maybe I don’t have to (after your post) :) Please, post your process/feelings after a week or so if you continue doing these stretches..

A Man behind his mask.

I wouldn’t discount hanging yet. It sounds from your other posts like you’re getting results (great!), but if you plateau in the future, you might want to try adding a few sets of hanging into the mix.
Thinking a little more on the subject, I remembered a couple of topics in Bigger’s previous posts:


1) Real growth occurs when you are hanging while fatigued.

Since adding the Johan stretches, this is what’s been happening on *every* set of hanging for me, where before I’d only feel any real fatigue on the last couple sets of 5 or 6.

2) Pre-fatiguing certain ligs can help you focus on the others.

I think this is what’s happening, sort of. I’m having trouble putting this into words… but I actually think that I’m pre-fatiguing the different areas of my penis in a way that’s so different from what the stress of hanging does, it sort of “shocks” it. Kind of like running several fast wind sprints, followed by jogging 5 miles.

The amazing thing I’ve noticed is how much more I can actually feel the different stress points while hanging now. Before I started the Johan’s, I could feel a vague pull in general areas… “I think that might be my tunica”. Now, I feel the stress & know “yep, that’s my tunica!”


I almost forgot… I owe you a “thanks!”.




Okay, I cheated and measured a little early… I wasn’t planning on measuring for another couple of weeks, but curiosity got the better of me.
In 1.5 weeks of adding Johan Stretches to my hanging routine I added 1/8” erect length. Considering that I’ve been hanging (off & on) for over 1.5 years, I think that’s pretty darn good. I do think it’s still to early to confirm that adding the Johan Stretches has added speedier growth… after all, I was still growing before that. But, what may be a more important fact for me remains: I’m still growing despite the fact that I’ve cut my total daily hang time by over 50%.
Before adding the Johans, I was hanging 2 sets in the morning, and as many as 6 sets in the late afternoon… only feeling any real fatigue on the last couple of sets. Now, I’ve replaced my morning hang sets entirely with Johans, and only do 2-3 sets in the afternoon. And although the amount of weight I can handle for the first set or two is getting back to normal (16 - 20 lbs), it never fails that by the end of my second or third set I find myself gritting my teeth with only 7 lbs. on the hanger…. my own personal cue that it’s time to stop hanging for the day (although I do wear an ADS for the rest of the evening).

As an aside… that last 1/8” length gain has officially put me over 2” gained since starting PE. And although at 7.0” nbp I don’t think I can call myself “hung” yet, for a guy who started under 5”, this feels pretty good!


What has been the effect on your girth through your gains? Any loss in the midsection? I am sure that base thickened, because mine did from hanging.

Are you doing in girth routines?


I haven’t done much work on girth… I added 20 min. of post-hang jelqing at one point, but after several weeks I was feeling kind of burned out, so stopped. For the last several months I’ve been doing very light jelqing for 5-10 minutes after hanging… more to ensure good circulation than for gains.

Overall since I started PE I’ve gained .25” in girth just behind the head. I’ve never measured girth anywhere else along the shaft, so I don’t know about mid-shaft or base measures, but I do feel like my penis is more hourglass-shaped than before I began PE. I don’t think I’ve lost any girth mid-shaft… but the gains at the base & near the head give the hourglass appearance.

I’ve actually been struggling back & forth with whether I should continue trying for more length gains, or start focusing on girth. When I first started hanging, I told myself that if I ever got to 7” I’d be happy. Funny how once you reach your starting goal it doesn’t seem as impressive anymore… but that’s for another thread.


Thanks so much for sharing your routine with us. Its pioneers like you and johan who really move the PE process forward.

If you were to AI only, what would be your best guess at the ideal routine.

Thanks, Maximus… but I think credit should go entirely to Johan.

I hesitate to answer what my routine would be like without hanging… I do believe in it, and will continue to hang for at least several more months. But if I did need to quit hanging for whatever reason, I’d probably start with a light version of a routine something like Johan’s, gradually working heavier & experimenting along the way.
If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend reading the post entitled “Johan’s Official Progress Report” in the “Progress Reports/Personal Routines” forum. Lots of good info., as well as a couple different sample routines in there.

Good luck!


Right now I am doing nothing but JAI stretches. So I ideally do them 3 times a day. But it’s usually like twice a day.

I do 5 sets of 12 reps each. I keep it at 12 reps because if I go much higher I start getting the bone. I am currently thinking about uping my total sets.


Thanks guys and cheers to johan.

Busterhymes-is that 12 pulls in one direction? (15x12)


I upped it to 10 sets of 10 reps. Works pretty good. I alternate with my left and right hand, pulling parallel with each leg.

AI Stretch Technique


I’m trying to understand your technique. Do you perform the AI stretches then add the hanging sets?


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