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Lower hang on one side HELP

Lower hang on one side HELP

One thing that I only really noticed for the first time when I started PEing about a month ago was that my cock seems to hang considerably lower at the left-hand side of the base of my shaft, as if perhaps the ligs on the left hand side were greatly shorter than those on the right hand side. For instance, when I’m at 50% EQ, the top face of my cock faces mainly left instead of facing vertically upwards. Also when I do manual stretches straight down when completely flacid, the top face of my cock faces COMPLETELY left. When I perform manual stretches to the right (I.e. With the left hand side getting stretched the most) I feel quite a stretch, but when I perform them to the left (with the right hand side getting stretched the most) I feel considerably less of a stretch.

Does anyone else have experience of this hanging-sideways phenomenon? Will stretching the ligs on the side that hangs lower make it go away? I also have a slight leftward curve in the midshaft of my penis which is made look alot more pronounced by this lower-hanging on the left-hand side of my base, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same issue if thats comforting. I think it is pretty normal. Stretching has helped.

Yeah, my cock leans to left; similar problem. I think it adds personality to the reproductive area.

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