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Fluid buildup

Fluid buildup

Hey everyone,

As of late I’ve been having some fluid build-up during my stretching session.
It kind of accumulates near the connection of my frenulum to my glans. (I am uncut)
Now that it builds up doesn’t really concern me, it’ll fade away during the day. But it
does add a fairly large amount of discomfort.

Any suggestions/idea’s to prevent this? I use a normal OK-grip with my thumb and index finger
closest to me.

Thanks in advance!

Though I`m no expert at manual stretching, it is advised that you avoid the area that you are experiencing inflammation and grip a little further down the shaft.

I have read this in regard to jelqing also, as it tends to cause issues with numbness and so on.

Use some toilet paper for grip so you don’t have to grip any tighter than necessary. Do some firegoat rolls after PE to help blood and lymph flow.

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It could be that you are using too much force when doing the exercise.Try easing off strength and see if that helps,

If it doesn’t it just may mean that the area is very sensitive and you should perhaps avoid that particular exercise,

But, try different approaches to your routine as it may just be that you are doing powerful consecutive exercises which are straining the area.

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Thanks for the advice, I think it’s the powerful consecutive exercises mainly.

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