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Fluid buildup question not answered in search.

Fluid buildup question not answered in search.

A little context first to avoid possible confusion.

I began with the noob routine in the middle of September and was experiencing some quality gains. After a few weeks I noticed the beginnings of a thrombosed vein accompanied by some fluid buildup around my circumcision scar. My lady friend popped in for a visit one month after I started PE and after a weekend of caveman sex the vein became very hard. I stopped doing my routine after she left to let the vein return to normal and I just recently picked things back up.

Some items I’ve noticed.

1) Length gains stayed (YAY!)
2) Girth gone (NOOOO!)
3) During my first jelq session, my penis felt very different, kind of unnaturally muscular.
4) After my first jelq session, the fluid buildup immediately returned.

I’ve increased the time both pre and post workout that I administer heat in an attempt to stave off the fluid but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve also tried massage and reverse jelqing with no luck. I had my first comeback session on Sunday, another on Monday, took yesterday off and haven’t touched my junk today but the bubble is still there. It’s not huge but in a stretched flaccid state I can pinch the skin on the left side of the penis and it’s very loose while the right side is taut.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Your Fucked!! Just kidding.

Here’s the bottom line. Some guys don’t have much of a problem with fluid buildup, others do. Then the question becomes, “how comfortable are you will having fluid buildup.” For me, fluid buildup is going to happen if I jelq. Since I don’t like it, I don’t jelq. Once the penis gets filled with lymph fluid, I believe the skin becomes weaker in those areas and becomes more and more likely to accumulate fluid. Some members report having less fluid with exercises involving less movement, such as holds and clamping. These moves are not for newcomers and can be dangerous. The hard vein is most likely a thrombose. Take it easy or it may become permanent…Dorsal vein injury.

I created a thread a while back on using cock rings for various things. The prevention of the donut was one of the uses.

Use one or two cock rings depending on how many it takes to cover the circumcision scar. Use the soft jelly like rings. The ones I get come in packs of 6 for around $8. The ones I get are called the “Senso Six Pack.”

It is best to get hard before putting them on. This way you don’t have any loose skin underneath and you can pull out on them in several spots working your way around to get the skin nice an even underneath.

This works great for me. Give it a try.

I have never bought from this site, but here is a link showing the product:…tyle=atoy&BAB=E

…oh yeah, and leave it on for a little while after the work out. Times may vary depending on how much help you need keeping the donut down so just see what works for you.

Look up a thread called “eroset’s thrombosed vein oil” and give it a whirl. Good stuff.

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I’ve found that if I don’t grip hard enough then fluid has a tendency to build up and give me a doughnut. Ever since I’ve tightened my grip I’ve been fluid free.

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