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Few questions about Jelqing

Few questions about Jelqing

I started Wet Jelqing a while ago never really thought this would be a problem but I am starting to wonder if anyone else has this issue. When I Jelq I can feel the blood as I move it from the base to the head rush down the center vein in my penis when I get near the Glans. Is this normal for some people, or am I just not gripping hard enough? The only reason this seems off for me is because I have to Kegel more blood after each Jelq. From what I have read the blood should stay constant throughout the Jelq.

I’ve not experienced that, so I am not entirely sure what you are talking about. However, the main principle behind jelqing is the forcing of blood towards the head of the penis. If you think that in your case the blood is rushing back under your grip, then you may well be doing something wrong with your grip. Ordinarily I would not expect it necessary to have to kegel more blood in after each Jelq. Maybe you are getting too close to the head at the of the stroke too. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to go back and re-read the basics of jelqing again, and watch the jelqing video again too! It may be that only a slight variation in grip is needed.

Good luck and stay safe

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Some blood is suppose to rush back. The intense pressure WILL force some blood through your grip no matter how strong your grip is really. You gotta remember blood cells are incredibly small. I’d say as long as your penis has a nice healthy reddish color and good hang after a workout you’re doing fine.

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I think I know what you mean. Do you kegel and hold when you jelq? That might help that from not happening. If it a big rush going back then I don’t wanna say it is a good thing. Try to kegel and hold. Sometimes I think it feels like I don’t hold the kegel for EVERY jelq, but I am pretty sure I am to at least a small extent. Sometimes that might happen if your penis is a little overworked as well. Try not to jelq that far for a day or two. Consciously work on not letting that happen for a couple days ,then start trying at it again.

I re-read the technique and realized I needed to change my grip. Thank you for the input guys!

Isn’t there a video too, just watch that

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