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Hey all,

I’ve been interested in this whole idea for a while, and like working out, think that doing something like these can only improve ones self.
I have a few questions though.

As interested as I am in some of the routines, I’m wondering about using an additional extender with the routines, and if anyone has used such thing with a routine. I notice the use of hangers as well as a routine, but my idea would be to use some form of extender while I sleep. At the moment I own a “jes extender” which I’m aware is quite unpopular on this site, but it seems to be use-able as I sleep. I was wondering if this would be recommended as I can use it almost every night. I’m interested in using the ulistretch routine mixed up a little with the newbie routine, but I would like to know if anyone has had a significant success using an extender as well as doing a routine.

Sorry if this is on the forum somewhere, but I’ve been looking about and not found too directly related.

Hi there!

I guess I’m probably from the old school and think that the penis does need to be conditioned before using extenders, ADS, or other types of equipment to reduce the risk of injury. Some of the other fine folks here have a different opinion. I guess we are just going to have to wait for someone else to chime in.

Most of the guys would say that the newbie routine is a good place to start, keep in mind that they are guidelines and not written in stone. Less is often more in this case; and each person has to find their own routine. Check out the link in my signature for favorites and maybe the answer is in there already.

Good luck with your quest for a healthier, bigger unit.

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As sunhinekid said, the newbie routine is the best way to start. You can use extenders later. However, always remember this never use a noose-style extender while sleeping.

Also, most of vets believe that noose-style is a no-no even when you’re not sleeping.

No PE is safe while sleeping, apart perhaps from going to sleep doing a fowfer. Certainly it is not safe to do PE using anything that could constrict bloodflow in any way while you sleep and are unable to monitor it.

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Don’t wear anything when you are sleepy, inebriated or otherwise not alert. Period.

Feel free to read my thread “Fell asleep wearing my ADS”.

regards, mgus

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ADS does need to be worked up to definately.

Brilliant responses,
And thanks for the insight into “extender problems” mgus. I always felt that the “getting cold” was simply a part of how the extender works. I would be grateful if someone could direct me to the problems with using a noose style extender.

And Ill speak again in 6 months, when hopefully everything is bigger ;)

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