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Best ADSstretchers and extenders

Best ADSstretchers and extenders

I want to know which stretcher and extenders devices are available and which one is the best based on your experiences. What do you think of the stuff available by Monkey bars

Monkey bar’s gets good reviews and looks like a great product. If I weren’t able to work from home I’d probably pick one up. But you can also make your own if you’re so inclined. Check out this thread:

New ADS tutorial

God gave me: 4.75" BPEL / 5" EG

Currently: 6" BPEL / 5.25" EG

Goal: 7" BPEL / 5.75" EG

I have used TheGRIP and it was good.

Check the reviews section — there is a lot of good info there. Monkeybar’s products get good reviews, as do Gerry Johnson’s (Static Stretcher). You could also try golf weights as an ADS, or Monty’s PE weights. I have done both and prefer Monty’s, for what it’s worth.

Golf weights all the way! The truth it, if you wear the ADS, it will be effective. Now, about wearing the ADS

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