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Erect stretches

Erect stretches

Been thinking about different ways to stretch. The old fashioned way hurts. Recently instead of pulling on it I just get hard and push straight down at the base. Feels the same as the regular lig stretch if not more intense. Have to release the pressure a lot slower or else the ligs hurt. Anybody else done this?

The general advice on erect stretches is going to be to avoid them. I set myself back considerably last month by doing a lot of erect exercises.


Well the other thread on erect stretching had a different method from mine. It’s just stretching the ligs. Not bending it or anything.

>>Recently instead of pulling on it I just get hard and push straight down at the base.<<

It sounds more like a dry-jelq than a stretch.

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And it’s nothing like jelqing. My hand stays in the same place. Just the over hand ok grip and push down towards the balls. Never moves down the shaft.

So you’re bending it down under you? or are you pushing it into yourself? Neither is really stretching at all.

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What hurts when you do regular flaccid stretches?

Just because it hurts doesn’t mean you’re doing anything productive. You’re probably doing the opposite.

No dick bending. Just putting force on the top of the base towards my feet. No bending. And no pain unless you let go of it really fast instead of slow. I feel pressure on the top of the base where the lig is and that’s it. This is obviously does nothing for the tunica. And regular stretches hurt the tip.

This exercise makes no sense to me. Penis is yours, but be aware that you could cause yourself an injury.

I’ve done this same thing,the tendons near the base are taut so why not just stretch them? I have and they are loose now but it still turtles etc,In other words there are other ligs that have to be stretched then those peripheral ones.. I imagine at least.

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