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Forced Erect Coverage to measure foreskin restoration progress

Forced Erect Coverage to measure foreskin restoration progress

There are lots of ways to declare your restoration a success, but I think the most dependable way to know you’re making progress is to measure Forced Erect Coverage. I’m sure I didn’t invent this idea, but here is a mathematical approach which I believe to be my own innovation.

Forced Erect Coverage

An indication of how much slack skin is present. To measure, get erect and force the shaft skin away from your body, toward your glans. FORCE the skin over the glans (but not to the point of causing pain). Measure the length of glans that is still showing on top (from the tip back to where the skin rolls under). Then let the skin roll off the glans and measure the length of the whole glans on top.

FEC = (1 - (glans showing/whole glans))

The number is a percent. For example, with 1” of glans showing, and 1.5” for the length of the whole glans,
FEC = (1-(1 / 1.5)) = (1 - 2/3) = 1/3 = 33.3%

If you can’t force the skin to reach the glans then FEC will be negative. For example, with skin forced forward but falling 0.1” short of reaching the glans, and 1.5” for the length of the whole glans, the glans showing is 1.5 + .1 = 1.6 and
FEC = (1-(1.6 / 1.5)) = 1 - (16/15) = -1/15 = -6.7%

Once it’s possible to cover more than the whole glans, the number includes the distance past the glans as “negative” glans showing. You may need a pencil or other slender tool to sound the distance from the end of the bunched-up skin to the tip of the glans. For example, with skin forced 0.5” past the glans, and 1.5” for the length of the whole glans,
FEC = (1 - (-0.5 / 1.5)) = 1 - (-1/3) = 1+1/3 = 133.3%

A typical foreskin restorer can add at least 1 mm per month to the amount of glans that can be forcefully covered with skin while erect. Lots of guys progress faster. If you’re just starting out, take your before pictures and measure FEC, but wait until you have been using a consistent regimen for a week before taking your official baseline FEC measurement which you will compare to your monthly readings.
- - - - -
So let’s do some real-world cases:

Here’s a glans that measures 39mm

With the skin forced up while erect there are 14mm of glans showing

So the forced erect coverage is (1 - 14/39) = 64.1%
- - - - -
In another example, say the same man’s skin can instead be forced PAST the tip. A tool can be used to sound the depth within the skin tube until the tip of the glans is touched

The tool is withdrawn and the distance from the observed coverage point to the end is measured at 24mm

so the FEC is (1 - (-24/39)) = 161.5%.

-Ron Low


Here are the images to show how the FEC measurement is taken:

The first shows the glans length as perceived from above and while erect.

The next shows the skin rolled onto the glans with some glans still showing.

The next shows the skin rolled past the tip, with a sounding tool (in this case the blunt end of a pen) poking within to see how far past the tip of the glans the skin is reaching.

Finally we see the pen, with an indication of where the equivalent measurement is taken.


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