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Erect kegels & movement

Erect kegels & movement

Hi guys, quick question for ya:

I’ve always enjoyed doing kegels with either a semi or fully hardened dick. The very act of making my dick bounce up and down is very pleasing and I have a question about this. When doing erect kegels, do you guys let your dick move all over the place or do you put your thumb at the top base of the shaft so that it stays in place while kegeling?

So basically, for those of you who perform erect kegels, do you do these freehand or try to keep things stable by keeping your dick in place? For either method, why do you do this? And lastly, is it at all harmful to your penis to perform erect kegels freehanded (letting it bounce all over the place) or even harmful by placing your thumb at the top base of the shaft for keeping it in place?


None of this is harmful. LOL… It doesn’t matter how you kegel, do what you enjoy doing bouncing or whatever.

Sounds good. I’ll stick to bouncing then : )

Haha, one thing that keeps me entertained is changing the pull of gravity by laying down rather than standing up and imagining my dick smacking some girl in the face as she goes down on me. I grade how well I’m doing by placing my hand where her face would be and seeing how hard it hits.

Great times, I don’t really include this in routine, just something amusing before bed or in the morning.

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I agree - bouncing it can be fun - especially if you can look in the mirror when you’re doing it.

Jawbone - I do the same thing, but I also have the pleasure of actually getting to smack my wife in the face with it too! I have to be a bit gentle though since I have hit her hard enough to hurt (she was not pleased). She enjoys when I smack it around her mouth and tongue during oral - I think it’s a submissive thing for her.

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I forgot where I saw it but there was some video, probably a banned commercial or something, that had a penis there bouncing around from kegels, singing a song. It was great.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

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