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Does it matter if I do kegels in an erect state

Does it matter if I do kegels in an erect state

I usually do kegels when my penis is erect, because it’s easier, and I can feel the muscle contracting better. Does it matter?
I started doing the newbie routine, but I don’t like doing 5 sec kegels, I prefer doing 5 minutes of 30 sec contractions, what do you recommend?

Are jelqs supposed to hurt? Or am I doing it to aggressive? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel big pain, but still.. It’s not very pleasant.

I do erect kegels too :up:
Once you get used to that, you can hang a wet cloth over to add some more weight. (it sounds as though you are ready to do this)

Some people find jelqing pleasant. Maybe it’s just unfamiliar to you? Maybe you are jelqing too hard?
Perhaps you should go easy for awhile until you are conditioned.

You can do kegels anytime, anyplace, flaccid or hard, even standing on your head and in every time variation you can think of.

Jelqing is not supposed to hurt and should actually be more on the pleasant side. Think of it as an exercise to massage more blood into the penis and to do so while creating a moderate internal pressure. Especially while starting out and learning the proper technique, just take it easy.

I dry jelq and it is a bit painful at first, but it’s not supposed to hurt that much. If it does, either wet jelq (although you didn’t specify what jelq you do) or slow down.

I do want to get the most out of my PE workout, so I often jelq with a hard grip.

Originally Posted by dowman5
I do want to get the most out of my PE workout, so I often jelq with a hard grip.

Over time, you will find out that hard in not necessarily better and often results in negative results.

Thanks a lot guys! Your answers were more positive than I expected.

But I need to ask this question: Is it a good idea to do 30 sec kegels, for 5 minutes(I read about this, 30 sec kegels, about a year ago on a site) ?

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