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Does taking Anabolic steroids affect gains

Does taking Anabolic steroids affect gains

I have taken anabolic steroids in the past (about 8yrs ago for 2 yrs). I have also inconsistently been doing PE over the last 8yrs. I have only gained about 1/2in. In length because of my inconsistency.
I have now started again a Consistent PE routine. I hang with 13.5Lbs. Using the bib hanger 2-3 20min. Long each sessions. I also do 200jelks/day and pump occassionally. I am also looking for an ADS for a nice 8-12hr long stretch throughout the day at work, stealth like of course.

I also want to start taking anabolic steroids again to get more cut and strong as well. Does taking anabolic steroids hurt or help gains? Or do they do nothing as far as gains are concerned?

I think consistency will effect your gains more then juice will help or hinder them.

I wouldn’t say they will stop gains but some will give you erections and some will stop wood but it doesn’t effect everyone. Stay away from decca though, ever heard of decca dick :(

Man train the real way quit using the roid-card bro… lol @ this guy… just don’t take any juice and you won’t have that problem

Age - 18 * Hobbie - Weight Lifting / PE

Current Stats: Goal Stats For Now:

BPEL = 6.5" BPEG = 4.75" BPEL = 7" BPEG = 5.5"

Whats the real way? Being natural is great but you have to work just as hard on roids as you do natural, diet, cardio, weights have to be nailed both ways to get anywhere.

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