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DLD Blasters and LOT

DLD Blasters and LOT

I know what DLD Blasters are, as I have read a couple threads on it, however when checking out the routine forum, i came across a routine saying you do the DLD Blasters 24 times (4 sets - 6 reps each), and I’d just like to clarify on this.

A DLD Blaster is:

1.) While laying down pull penis up towards the chest. Create a very good tension.

2.) Do 100 pc squeezes while holding this stretch. This will completely isolate the pc muscle while making you aware of the feeling when it is releasing.

3.) let go and do a 20 second hard pc squeeze.

4.) In a laying position grab penis in a two handed type stretch (ie. DLD “A” Stretch, DLD Dual Fulcrum Stretch, 7-ups “V” Stretch) Now do 50 sets of these: PC squeeze (Keggle) for 5 seconds being very aware of the pc muscle then push out (Reverse Keggle), releasing the pc muscle for 5 seconds. Ex-hale during this and increase the tension. You will feel an immediate increase in length on the push. This is where you will be hitting the ligs 100%

5.) Finish this routine with a 1 minute squeeze followed by a 1 minute push.

And since he wants this done 24 times, wouldn’t this exercise alone take an hour to do?

Also, I have searched and found threads on DLD Blaster instructions, however I can’t seem to find the thread that gives instruction on determiniing my LOT, could someone please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.


>And since he wants this done 24 times, wouldn’t this exercise alone take an hour to do?<

You do the maths. At first this was the DLD blasters, like the set routine above (that DLD posted), but they kinda took off to the point that when people talk about blasters they usually are referring just to doing kegels/reverse kegels while stretching or hanging.


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