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Different sensation between soft and hard jelqs

Different sensation between soft and hard jelqs

Hi. I think for too long now I’ve been jelqing at too hard an erection. The reason is because early on (my third session from memory) I really only felt like there was anything happening when I jelqed with a hard erection. I’ve then gone for months this way thinking that any less an erection was a waste of time. However, having measured today and noticing how my base girth has increased way more than I expected I’ve come to think my assumption was right. (For anyone who may check my measurements, I’ve just realised that although the stats ask for mid-shaft girth, I have always measured from the base).

Can I then ask your opinions on the sensations you feel when jelqing with a hard and soft erection. For about a week or so up until recently, I was jelqing at the usual same hard erection, but applying much greater force with my hands than before (this is also the first and only time I have had a blood spot, now resolved though); for me, the sensation here is that I can feel my penis engorge so greatly I have to be very aware to not apply too much pressure. For reference I’d like to add that this level of erection means my penis doesn’t bend much at all, but retains a little elasticity (whereas a full erection would not have any).

In the case of a softer erection, the sense of engorgement is much different. I would say my penis never feels engorged, I can feel blood being forced through it, but with minimal pressure (hence this is why I abandoned these jelqs early on, thinking I must be doing something wrong). In this case my penis is full of blood, but not what I would describe as hard. It can be bent in the middle.

Could it be that I’m at the far extreme in both cases; perhaps my hard jelqs should tone down and my softer ones increase?

Cheers guys

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Hi SpringRoll.

It’s kind of hard to answer your question, since everyone’s penis is different and so everyone’s experience is also different. The technique of jelqing should produce a pleasurable sensation (though not the same as masturbation does). The forced perfusion of blood rising up through the penis, should feel good. This is how I know I am doing a good jelq, at the right erection level. For most people I’d say this is between 30 - 70%.

As you know doubt know it is not recommended for newbies to attempt erect jelqs. However, since you’ve been doing erect jelqs for so long without injury, you’re probably okay to continue doing so. Maybe your tunica is particularly elastic allowing you to jelq at high erection levels. Many people would find the pressure immediately in the danger range.

I would suggest you might still try some lower erection level jelqing, otherwise it may be possible that the deeper tissues aren’t getting the work out that the more exterior ones are, but I can’t say for sure.

P.S. It’s a good idea to put spaces between your paragraphs, makes it much easier to read. I added them for you in your above post.

Thanks Tweaking for the input. Sorry also for the error, I’ve lurked long enough to know better. My concern is that having recently measured after not doing so for a while, my girth had increased much greater than length; and I’m still trying to attain more length. I think I’ll give the hard jelqs a rest for a couple of weeks/month and check my progress then. Cheers again.

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