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Hard vs Soft

Hard vs Soft

Why entering in the tube hard is better then soft? Whats thr real diference?

And milk the tube do for my penis? I know what is milk the tube but I dont know why…

Thanks again.

I’ve found going in soft, it takes alot longer to expand completely. Also other ‘stuff’ might get sucked up into the tube (eg balls) if there’s extra space. Other than that no difference I can think of.

I think the same

Some poeple have reported less lymph and donut when they go into the tube hard. Also, the total pressure applied to the erectile chambers is higher when you’re in the tube hard than soft.

I’m not a pumper, so this is not from experience, but I think permanent gains are probably more likely to come from pumping hard than soft.

Think about it. Pressure inside the corpora cavernosa is about 20 in-Hg during a good erection. You can’t generally get even close to this pressure with a pump alone. However, when you pump with an erection, you can get 20 in-Hg + the pump pressure applied to your CC’s. That elevated pressure is, I think, what encourages permanent growth.

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