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Gains Hard but Not Soft?

Gains Hard but Not Soft?

I have a question … I was having phone sex tonight with my GF who lives out of state. I took a Viagra before. Not sure why. Anyway, I was diamond hard while we were doing our phone thing and I figured I would measure since I had not in several weeks. I was like 1/4” longer hard than the last time I measured. The funny thing is that I measured soft before we got started and I was the same measurement as always.

My question is this: Can one gain length in and erect state but not a flacid state?


First time you used V, baywatch? It’s pretty common to gain size (EL) on it.


I had taken on a very few other occasions. Do you think it was the V?

I dont know if I understood correctly, but viagra help with the quality of erections right? Then, because you were 100% erect, you were longer than before.

Originally Posted by baywatch
I had taken on a very few other occasions. Do you think it was the V?

Yes, getting better erections is usually the reason of your first gains. When you take V your erection quality will go through the roof.

So does all the PE work condition your penis for maximum size when hard and on V? Or would V do the same thing to some dude who did no PE?


But as your dick grows and you take v, then your super hard dick will be bigger than the guys super hard dick who never pe’d.

Make sense?

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