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Hard Or Soft

Hard Or Soft

Can somebody tell me if its better to do the jelqing exercises when you hard or soft? Is it also best to grip at the base with one hand and jelq with the other? If you do it when your hard how long do you generally do it for? thanks for the help.

Hey JThomas nice to meet you,

Jelqing requires a partial erection. You should probably be looking for a 40-60% erection. You should alternate the hands, when one hand gets close to the top you should already be starting to attach your second hand. Start off doing it for 5 minutes at a time and work up pretty quickly to more time (around 1/4 hr). Ensure your penis is properly warmed up prior to starting (with a warm wrap). Do another warm wrap at the end of your routine. Make sure each stroke lasts around 3 seconds (count one - one thousand, two - one thousand, three - one thousand).

You need to take it easy as you start but if you do not have an increased flaccid hang for some time after jelqing you are probably not doing it hard enough. The penis changes quite a lot during the first two months of jelqing. It develops more vein capacity and becomes more resilient.

If you haven’t read the FAQ, your should check it out.

Hey JThomas,

In addition to what memento said, when you get enough practice (and gains) with the partial erection jelqs, you may want to add erect “jelq squeezes” as introduced a long time ago by HugeJorgan8. They are good for girth gains, but don’t start them before you get a few months practice in PE first. Erect exercises are potentially more dangerous and should be done with extreme caution.

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