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Critique my routine

Critique my routine

So I’ve been a member for some years now. I don’t post often. Mostly just cruise the forums soaking up knowledge. Even though I’ve been here for some years now I will admit that I have not been consistent with my PE. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done any so I figured I should start at square one. I have an idea for a routine and would like some input.

So I went to monkeybars site and ordered a few items to help me on my quest. I got 2 autoxleeves (soft-thick & medium) with the stealth cap, a 9oz weighted cap, and the penomet standard. I’ve already put together a homemade power jelq courtesy of MM. Now since I haven’t been consistent with PE like I said earlier I’m considering myself a newbie. I know vets frown upon newbies using anything but their hands but just hear me out. My newbie routine will consist of the following; Before bed - Rice sock to warm up, 10 minute jelq, 10 minutes in penomet, 10 minute jelq, xleeve with stealth cap to keep from turtling (heard they’re safe to sleep in). Daytime - same as night regiment except using the xleeve with weighted cap and wearing it throughout the day. As time goes on I will increase the duration of these exercises.

So what do you guys think? Too much, not enough, or just right? Any input would be appreciated.

Noob Out

If you haven’t been consistent, you’ve already identified the problem. Equipment won’t fix it.

Try being consistent with the Newbie Routine and considering the equipment on the route forward. Be aware though that many people make all their gains from manual means and potentially bringing equipment into your routine too early will limit your end result.

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I was thinking that the equipment would be a nice compliment to the manual exercises

The “equipment” can look fancy, but a good manual routine should be all you need at your stage, don’t hurry, doing PE we have to go slow, step by step, if you keep this in mind you’ll have better results at the end of the day, Memento is right..


Thanks for the input fellas.

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