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Secjay new custom routine, please critique!

Secjay new custom routine, please critique!

So guys, here it is. I’ve developed a custom routine as encouraged by others, especially DLD. The approach I am taking is based around the idea I got from Dino that you give a whole lot of stimulation, then a whole lot of rest. Hence my routine is a bi-weekly one. The first week is a real grueling gore-fest and I should be barely functional by the weekend.
The second week is mainly a total rest from PE, but muscle work for fitness.

If anyone has the time/inclination it would be most excellent of them to hand me some kind of feedback to this.

FYI I am looking at gaining girth especially. I don’t care about length whatsoever and am not going to make any measurements.

I’ll keep it up for as long as possible, I’m guessing after 2-3 months I should be pretty burned. After that time I’ll take a ‘week#2’ week off and then make measurements. If there is no change I’m going to have to do something even more drastic! (Let’s hope for the sake of my sanity that I make some sort of gain finally)

So here it is, my newly developed routine! Note that it is partially based around my day to day schedule, so it might seem a little random/haywire… (I’ve provided explainations where necessary)


Warmup session: Includes either a hot wrap/rice sock and a few hundred jelqs and manual stretches. PC work to failure if this session is done by itself, otherwise, at the end of a complete workout.

Medium session: About 500 Jelqs with 5 Uli’s and 5 Bends every 50 Jelqs.

Heavy workout session: Consists of three 10 minute Uli thing sessions, broken up with a few minutes break to get the blood back and rewind the wrap material ;) Between each 10 minute session, some light jelqing, maybe 100 or so, and then some uli’s, squeezes, horses, bends. (possibly up to 5 of each) for extra engorgement etc.

WEEK #1: aka Penis torture week.

Monday: just a “warmup session” due to time restraints.
Tuesday: Warmup session follwed by heavy workout session.
Wednesday: Warmup session followed by one heavy workout session. Possibly a repeat later in the day depending partially on time but mostly soreness. (most of the day free)
Thursday: Warmup then Medium session. (will probably be very sore by now)
Friday: Warmup followed by medium followed by heavy session. (enough time is free this day) Cardio with girlfriend.
Weekend: Warmup session on both days but no further than that. Keeping engorged and worked but slowing down alot from the week.

WEEK #2: aka comparitive R and R week.
note: no PE except for PC work; a few hundred clamps per day. Possibly some jelqing in the shower to “work through the pain”. No regular sessions.

Monday: Complete and total rest from all physical exercise. :D
Tuesday: Rest from PE. Upper body workout. (weights)
Wednesday: Rest from PE totally. Lower body workout. (weights)
Thursday: Day off totally.
Friday: Cardio stuff with girlfriend (walking, running, situps etc)
Weekend: Complete and total rest.

So what does everyone think about this? Am I pushing week1 too hard? Is a full week off PE too much time off?

I will probably have to tweak the numbers of say reps of each exercise, and the timings won’t be the same every day.

I might have to add some more exercise to week1, muscular wise. I think a whole week break is too much for muscle workouts, but I could be wrong.

I am thinking of starting this routine @ week1 starting next monday, unless I get negative feedback.

I’m whipped just reading this, Sec.

For sure you’re gonna be in some kind of shape.




You’re one of the most experienced guys here, why you asking?

I know I wouldn’t want to handle that routine but needs must. Best of luck with your gains.

The week off sounds good :)

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thanks for the positive feedback you guys…

Damn, and I just got 3 new jobs hehehe….

This is going to be rough for at least a couple of months, but the gains, fitness, and money I will rack up should be significant :D

I just hope I can handle it. I don’t want to drop anything!

Originally posted by avocet8
I'm whipped just reading this, Sec.


Secjay, it is awesome you getting back into things full swing. I see Dino has helped you include Dr. Evil days:D This looks good but keep very close watch on gains in either area to determine if things are clicking. Whenever I change up my routine, as unorthodox as this sounds, I measure daily to keep a very close watch on changes. If I see subtle increases over a 2 week period I will make it a staple routine.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Secjay you have a 10” cock and still struggling to enlarge it :) What is your next goal ?

Soon to be 9''.


I think I said work it hard, not rip it off”hehehhe” but it’s sounds like a cool plan, I have been taking a few days off my self which I dont like to while trying to get length, but I’m tired and my dick was beat up so I needed 3-4 days off. I’m still going to working length when I get back. Secjay let us know how it goes I never tried taking a full week off but I have always gained girth better with more time off and intense workouts. Good luck Bro.


It’s really a warm and fuzzy feeling in certain places in my body when I see all the great positive, reinforcing, buddy-replies I am getting with this :D

DLD: I respect your PE discipline as much as anybody’s. If you think it helps then I will certainly incorporate it. The only trouble I think is that after a heavy squeeze session I could be really bloated, but it will deflate after a day or two with no permanent effect. I’ve seen this kind of shenanegan many a time :(

teoman; Sure it’s about 10” in length.
I don’t really have any trouble with the length of it.
It is “long enough” for my girlfriend.
Any extra would just be for show.

…I would like to get to a solid, legit 10” NBP, but that’s just a very far behind secondary goal that will probably come along by itself anyway.

My primary concern is girth; that’s where the real shit is at!
I feel like a twig. barely 5.5” around.
I wanna S-T-R-E-T-C-H my gf out big time. That will require at least 6.5” from my estimates…

As for my final goal: I know I want at least 7” of girth. 7”+ in the long, long term (I don’t have a clue how much exactly, or how long it will take to achieve this. I might hit 7 and decide thats enough for good or I might just keep going indefinately)

Ideally, if I PE for a decade or two, and my gf doesn’t demand that I quit because she just can’t take it anymore :D ………
I guess 12x8 would be real nice… Maybe even more on the girth side! ;)

Dino You’ve given me alot of ideas and motivation, thankyou very much! I will certainly let you know how I get along. As I said before, I realise I may need to tweak my routine to get the best of it, and I’ll inform of my changes as well…

Rock on…

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