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Bizarre Question; Forced erection with imagination easy to do for you?


Bizarre Question; Forced erection with imagination easy to do for you?

I remember as a teenager I used to be able to think about something erotic and turn myself on to 100% EQ. Now a few years later, maybe due to desensitization or weakened imagination, I can no longer obtain that so easily.

Can you force yourself to get erect using imagination//just body signals?

Do you have any tricks for getting hard, such as a specific imaginary thing or perhaps kegelling in some specific way?

Should I take this as a bad EQ sign?

Elaborations appreciated as well,

Hard to tell, desensitization and for EQ happen with age and vary from person to person. If that is something you wish to improve you may want to keep a PE diary and indicate what your EQ was at various times a day. I recommend you just mark off your EQ in an organizer with 1-5 stars and a time, secretive and coded.
I am a huge fan of imagery when it comes to PE and working out. Whennit co
Ed to working out before I take my first rep I imagine a small fire, I take a breath and release it slowly. Then the flame grows bigger, I take a breath and release it slowly, finally the whole room is engulfed in flames that I have conjured, I take my last breath in and exhale with fore as I lift.

For getting a rock hard erection try my visualizing technique. You must kegel while breathig in through your nose and out your mouth.

Relax your mind and your body while sitting upright.
Imagine you are with a beautiful woman but you can see her in the dark
With each breath you can feel her hands caressing your body while she wispers your every erotic fantasies
You feel an electric spark travel up your spine when she touches your growing erection.
Imagine now all the energy in your body flowing into your penis.
With every breath now your erection will grow and grow until it rips out of your clothes ready for penetration.

Hope this helps I have never really had to fantasize about getting an erection. I mainly use a similar technique for PE. Let me know how this works so I can use your feedback to modify this.

I rarely get an erection just using my imagination these days. Manual stimulation is required.

I don’t think it’s a bad EQ sign - I think it’s a natural side effect of aging. I have no difficulty getting it up for sex, but when I jelq, for example, it takes manual stimulation to get me even up to 50% erect.

Most times, even watching porn does not result in an erection that lasts, unless I’ve taken Viagra.

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If I have a lady that I genuinely connect with, then yes— but I also experience a serious T level bump in those cases and will experience diamond hard wood without giving myself a hand.
Similarly I’ve engaged in hours long I’M sexchat from public places and have given myself blue-balls from the literal hours I’ve spent hard.

Otherwise no.

Perhaps it is because when I was younger the thought of any pussy would do, but now I need more than a little wet coochie to get my motor running.

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yes, I immagine all my fucks in the past

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There is a long time ago that I did not get an erection only by imagination … and I’m not sure to live it anymore. :'

Originally Posted by Graal
There is a long time ago that I did not get an erection only by imagination … and I’m not sure to live it anymore. :'

What does this mean? Your not going to get any more?

Originally Posted by djrobins
What does this mean? Your not going to get any more?

I’m getting old. But dont worry, this will happen to everybody :) .

When I was a young man I could have an erection just looking at a girl…

Today, everything still works fine when I’m with a woman. It is the most important.

Man, when I was a teenager (only 21, so not that long ago haha), I could get an erection if a girl hugged me. Hormones hormones hormones. That’s what it is. It’s also why I thought my old fat ugly teachers were attractive. :)

Now, it’s more like a woman has to earn my erection, and I like it that way.

Now I have stopped watching porn again I’m getting erections with just my thoughts again. Do you watch porn?

It’s easier when you are teenager because there isn’t all that much stress really.Basically only thing you think about is sex. You don’t think about making money, will you have enough to pay bills, etc.

You still have it in you.

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I agree with the comment about stress. When I have enough free time erections come easily but when I’m overwhelmed I need a lot of stimulation to even get semi hard. Anyway the post about the breathing looks promising but I can think on that this month… :[

I can most always get a woody without physical stimulation.

Something I have experienced a few times whilst out and about. The following did not take place at Costco:

I am having conversation with 3 ladies in the bakery section and attempting to talk myself into buying gourmet cinnamon rolls. They find my behavior of circling the table with the rolls to be mildly amusing.

The dynamics of who is where shifts a bit as does my unit. One of them feels that they have obtained confirmation that I am either walking around with a woody or am hung. She shifts posture a good 2 inches so that her hand faintly touches her closest friends arm and gives the other a 1/3 of a second look.

The reactions of the other two tell me that they think I am walking around with wood. Women checking me out is OK, even if they are checking out my package. I am a gentleman about stuff like that. But I really am not about to let slide thinking that I am walking around with a woody; or, that simply talking to them gives me a hard on. And a non over-sized one at that.

A very subtle lull of less than a second takes place in my inclusion in the non-verbals as they communicate about me. They then open back up to re-include me, but as a slightly lesser lever of “Potential Stud-puppy.” Before any of them can speak I grab eye contact on all three and initiate a host of micro expressions that just scream, “No potential about it!”, and use one of my favorite playful lines.

“Shhhhhhh…’s sleeping!”

At this point two of them crack up completely and no longer hide where their eyes are going. Number three gives a bit of a nervous giggle, starts to blush, and resolutely does not glance down at my crotch. Well, well.

Eye contact now locked with her, my pants on the inner left thigh begin to shift.

Anyhoo, it is a good skill to have.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Wow this is making me feel much better! I used to be able to do this too but haven’t for years. I guess I’m not the only one.

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Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

Since I’m on an EQ regiment, and am here mostly to make EQ gains rather than PE, I think I’m going to start using this as a measurement of my EQ increases.

1) Shower/Get back from gym (limber, relaxed, good circulation)
2) Using my imagination alone, try to achieve 90% EQ (which makes my unit stand straight up) in X seconds.

Then as my number gets lower I’ll gain more control over my unit >:D

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