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Damn too easy erection

Damn too easy erection

I get hard way too easy ;/
Jelqs are easy to perform since you need semi-erect to do them,
But stretch, oh god it’s hard ;P

When I take my dick to my hand it takes like only 10 sec to get semi-erect.
I need to thinks some sexy only for 5 sec to get semi-erect.

And this, unfortunately makes stretching damn hard to perform ;/
Does my dick use not to get fast semi-erect when I do PEing?

Fear not, The Stiff One. Soon your dick will condition and you’ll discover a semi-erect state will be the norm during the course of your exercises. The cock is a marvellously ingenious instrument, as I’m sure you well know. In the interim, cultivate patience, rid yourself of sacrilegious and heretical dirty images, breathe in for three seconds and out for six and concentrate on nothing or something equally yawningly boring. Keep it up bro, up.

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Sigh.. I’m having the same problem. :(

Jack off, then stretch like 20 min after, then jelq.

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