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Pumping, Forced erection

Pumping, Forced erection

I’ve recently had some thoughts about buying a pump, but some logic tells me( I think I even read one of marinera’s posts) that pumping makes the erection system of the penis weaker meaning it forces an erection and after some time it would be harder to get off pumping an still have a good EQ. Maybe it sounds BS but I would like your opinions on it.

You should use a pump only if you have ED?

If you have a good EQ can you make it weaker with a pump? (assuming one is pumping like 3-5 and starts slow)

Are there anyone who used a pump regularly and now is not using it, but still maintains a good EQ ?


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Using a pump encourages expansion. It really doesn’t force an erection. A penis expanded to capacity by vacuum is a different thing than a penis expanded to capacity by the natural mechanism of erection.

You can use a pump whether or not you have ED. There are additional benefits to those who have ED; it could help correct their ED.

If you have a good EQ, you will not damage it with a pump unless you pump to excess - at too great a vacuum, or for too long a duration.

I have taken breaks from pumping and maintained a good EQ.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’ve never experienced a weak EQ as a result of pumping or any other PE routine. Quite the opposite actually. However, if I have a good tough workout during the day and then go for a roll in the hay then I may not have the best EQ simply because I’ve worn myself out a bit—possibly from PC flexing so much when trying to increase blood flow during the earlier workout. I PE during the week and then am off on the weekend and it’s always amazing how hard my cock is on Sunday if I don’t have sex that Friday or Saturday. It’s rested up, ready to go and hard as a rock!

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Yeah I get boners that wake me up during the night they are so hard. I won’t pump if I know I’m getting laid that night because my penis will have fatigue.

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