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Bizarre Question; Forced erection with imagination easy to do for you?


I get boners through imagination all the time, even when passing erotic thoughts that weren’t intentional. Only 22 so maybe it’s an age thing? And i watch porn for roughly an hour and a half every day if that is important at all.

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Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

I’m 25 and I’m getting erections only through imagination or visual stimulation. Hope this lasts long time :D

I would say age is a factor. In my teen years I got erections all the time, erotic thoughts or not. Usually not however, as I usually feared public erections, especially while sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring, then I would have to stand up. Of course that is when I would get a rock hard erection, so my fears usually got the best of me. I think it was so different then, now I don’t think anyone would give a damn or even notice.

With pe I now get spontaneous erections again, so there are definate benefits. I no longer fear the irrational.

High age —> Lower libido level and testosterone, thus harder/not possible to get erect with only using the imagination.


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