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An mechanical question about PE

An mechanical question about PE

After three days’ literature research, I believe that penis enlargement is possible. So I decide to do the PE exercise.

However, there are still two questions that confuse me.

The first one is how kegel pump blood into the penis. I know that when doing kegel the bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles would contract, which will block the blood flow escape from the penis through veins. But contraction of bulbocavernosus and ischiocavernosus muscles can also block the blood flow go into the penis from artery. If anyone here can help me explaining how kegel pump blood into the penis and what is the exact power that push blood into the penis.

The other one is how to protect penis’ veins against expansion. When doing Jelqing or jelq squeeze, I found my penis’ veins expand dramaticlly. I think expansion of penis’ veins would be adverse effect for erection, since ligation of penis’ vein seems to be an effective surgery for curing erection dysfunction.

Looking for detailed reply and many thanks!

This paragraph below is quote from an article

“The bulbospongiosus muscle has anterior, middle, and posterior fibers. The anterior fibers radiate over the side of the corpus cavernosum and insert partially into it. They contribute to penile erection by compressing the deep dorsal vein of the penis. The middle fibers encircle the bulb and adjacent parts of the corpus spongiosum and assist in erection of the spongiosum by compressing the erectile tissues of the bulb (Wespes et al, 1990; Shafik, 1995). The ischiocavernosus muscle is paired with and compressed to the crus penis, retarding the return of blood through the veins to assist in maintaining an erection (Lavoisier et al, 1988; Claes et al, 1996; Kawanishi et al, 2001).”

Originally Posted by marinera
I guess Kegel acts on arteries, not on veins.

Marinera, can you explain more detailed about why you think kegel acts on arteries and how? Thank you!

Retarding is not blocking?

Originally Posted by marinera
Retarding is not blocking?

Sorry, my English is poor.

Originally Posted by weiweixxo
Marinera, can you explain more detailed about why you think kegel acts on arteries and how? Thank you!

The feeling that I have when I kegel, is that I am pushing more blood inside the penis. There is also a reduced ouflow, but it isn’t that strong as the first effect. How do I know that? When I clamp, no matter how tight the clamp is, I can always push more blood inside the penis. Neverthless, even a cock ring can make your penis cold and dark after a while, sign that it is able to block the outflow better than Kegeling. Beside that, outflow veins are on the surface of the penis, while it is my understanding that IC and PC muscles acts on the inner structure of the penis.

If you have read the first link, venous leakage can rarely be fixed by venous ligation or, even less, strengthening PC muscles, because blocking the outflow (so called venous occlusive function) is mostly a mechanism linked with the elasticity of tunica albuginea, which pushes against vein on the surface blocking the outflow.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience! I also have that feeling. But I am still curious about how IC and PC muscles work pump blood into the penis, do you find some scientific evidence or research article explaining this mechnism?

Ps: the IC and PC muscles exactly can block the outflow. The veins on the surface you can see will converge into a bigger vein (called internal pudendal veins), and this vein pass through IC and PC muscles, contraction of these muscles can block the internal pudendal veins, which can block the veins on the surface.

“Rhythmic contractions of the penile
muscles (bulbospongiosus and
ischiocavernosus) during the development of
an erection. ………….
With a full erection such contractions
produce transient dramatic increases
in intracavernosal pressure which increase
the rigidity of the erect penis.”…l_mechanics.pdf

Originally Posted by weiweixxo
Ps: the IC and PC muscles exactly can block the outflow.

“The venules that drain the sinusoidal spaces and the smooth muscles of the penis coalesce as they approach the CC periphery and form the subtunical venular plexus [8]. Small veins exit from the plexus through the TA as the emissary veins, and drain into the circumflex veins or directly into the deep dorsal vein. The position of the subtunical venular plexus between the sinusoids and TA allows for their compression and occlusion as the smooth muscle and sinusoids relax and expand against the TA during tumescence [8-11]. This occlusion acts to trap the blood within the penis. The loss of this veno-occlusive function leads to leakage of blood from the penis with a resulting impotence “

BTW, generally Kegel’ are not done erect.

Before ejaculation, I can feel Kegel would pump blood into penis; but after ejaculation, no matter however hard I kegel, no blood could be pumped into my penis.

Weiw has a point. No matter how hard I kegel after ejaculation I can not seem to kegel more blood.

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