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A question about starting and stopping pe

A question about starting and stopping pe

I don’t know if this subject has been discussed in depth before or not,.. if it has please excuse my ignorance. Anyway, I was thinking that if one were to stop pe for let’s say a two month period cold turkey, no stretching, no jelqing, nothing, then started again would one not see initial gains relative to the very first time that they began pe? My thought is why wouldn’t the penis revert back to its original “dormant” state before pe. Note that this stopping pe would be voluntary and not due to injury. Not that I am going to stop, but there have been posts of guys stopping for short durations of about two weeks which I don’t think is a long enough time period to revert back into a “dormant” state and I’m not clear as to whether they saw fast “initial” gains after this period.

This has been discussed over at peforum. We believe that the penis does become dormant, at least to an extent. Many big gainers gain for months and months, reach a plateau, take like 6 weeks off, then come back and get some good initial gains. I am not a very fast gainer so I haven’t tried it.

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