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DHT - Serenoa repens and PE question

DHT - Serenoa repens and PE question

Hi guys,

(sorry for my bad English again)
I think I have an interesting question here.
Does anyone know if DHT (dihidrotestosterone) affects penis growth at adult age?
Let me explain why I am asking this.
I have started PE 3 weeks back.
I am 43 and because my testosterone and LH levels are well above average I started using serenoa repens 160 mg daily to avoid DHT effects.
As far as I know testosterone is partially metabolised into DHT and I thought that DHT is totally bad. DHT causes baldness and it causes prostate to grow into prostate adenoma or even cancer. Serenoa repens prevents testosterone turning into DHT.
So far so good.
But just by a coincidence cruising through another forum I have found one 13 year old guy asking how to stop his penis to grow. He was 9 inches long and still growing. One of the guys replied like this:

It is possible - another member here in the past was prescribed a drug, normally used to treat enlarged prostate, that blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. That did stop growth and in fact caused some shrinkage to a (in his case) more manageable size.

Wow !
It is first time I hear reffering to DHT affecting penile growth in juvenile age. I thought it is testosterone and HGH (Human growth hormone) that is responsible for this.
I guess it might be true. If DHT induces prostate to grow at later age so perhaps it might affect penis as well… But it is just my assumption.
If it is true then serenoa repens is no good at all to use while going through PE !

Has anyone used serenoa repens and did PE? Did you grow?
I am definitely growing flacid but not sure about erect measurements so far, well I thought it is too early to measure. Now I am concerned I might be preventing any gains with that serenoa repens…

Does anyone know of any good online reading on DHT subject ? I was not able to locate one.

I think having some light on this might be beneficial to some PE fans.



the other thought… if higher DHT at later age is making prostate grow why penis tend to shrink when one gets older… Perhaps DHT does not affect penis ar at least at adult age… Will try to get some more info and report back here.

Serenoa repens = saw palmetto. It won’t affect penis size.

‘Serenoa repens = saw palmetto’

Sorry I forgot to mention more common name.
Well. I have found more info on DHT and saw palmetto.
DHT supposed to be more active than testosterone itself ,some say its the only active form of male androgene hormone, so I was wrong thinking that it is only a bad metabolite of testosterone.
Saw palmetto supposed to shrink the prostate without the side effects but I have found people saying it also suppress erections and now that I know what DHT does I am not surprised it could.
I think I better drop that saw palmetto out of my supplements.

Saw Palmetto is actually one of the main herbs used in BE. It does nothing for unit size, but if you want big tits, by all means keep using it. I did some reading up on it when my wife started BE just to make sure she wasn’t going to be doing anything harmful. Here’s a good site to get some more info on it.

Although, seeing the address you may have already stumbled onto that one…lol.


thanks ynarevith73

I definitely do not want big tits :)

But your comment of using it for BE with ladies might be interesting topic to my wife…

Did your wife finally tried it? Does it actually work?

Yeah, it does. And beleive it or not there is a really cool BE forum she belongs to, very similar to this one. If you want, PM me and I’ll give you the link. She’s done it before and gained a cup size but quit before the gains beecame permanent, this time I am “encouraging her to stay with it…lol.


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